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FUSION PLUS SATIN Ceramic Coating Offers Premium Protection for Satin Paint

XPEL's expanding line of FUSION PLUS ceramic coating covers every aspect of a vehicle. Different variants of XPEL ceramic coating are designed to protect surfaces like wheels, plastic trim, glass, interiors, and of course, exterior paint. However, FUSION PLUS SATIN takes it one step further by being a ceramic coating formulated to protect satin and matte finish paintwork, and STEATH PPF .

Maintaining a Flawless Satin Finish

Many OEMs offer a matte or satin paint finish as an exclusive or limited-edition option. Land Rover, Bentley, Porsche, and Lamborghini are just some of the manufacturers who provide satin, matte, or frozen exterior paint colors from the factory. The unique appearance of the paint's finish enhances the aesthetic of exclusivity and premium on a vehicle. Whether it's a matte hood on a Porsche 911 GT3 RS or a satin purple Dodge Viper, this flat sheen finish is commonly associated with luxury and performance.

However, while these paint finishes look fantastic on the website configurator and showroom, that first-day presentation requires specific measures to maintain flawless satin paintwork. Satin paint does not reflect light like gloss, so even the tiniest imperfections or damage are easily noticeable. As a result, it requires specific products and cleaning methods. For example, cleaning a satin or matte finish vehicle using a drive-thru car wash is not recommended. Because the automated brushes and power washers can be too harsh and damage the finish. In addition, do not use wax or cleaning products for gloss paint on matte or satin paintwork.

The correct way to clean a satin finish surface is to wash away containments like dirt or grime with water. This will prevent any scratches when washing by hand using light pressure with a soft sponge. Lastly, washing satin paint in the shade or closed area away from direct sunlight is recommended to prevent fading from UV light. With XPEL SATIN ceramic coating, the anxiety of maintaining a flawless satin or matte paint job is reduced with a protective layer of hydrophobic peace of mind.

FUSION PLUS SATIN Provides Unmatched Protection for Satin Clear Finish

XPEL FUSION PLUS SATIN Ceramic Coating is an advanced coating meticulously designed for vehicles protected with XPEL STEALTH PPFand satin finish clear coats. Offering superior protection without compromising the distinct look of these finishes.

FUSION PLUS SATIN creates a resilient protective layer on your vehicle's surface. This protective layer serves as a robust barrier against environmental factors like water, dirt, bugs, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays. Furthermore, it helps to preserve the condition of STEALTH PPF or satin finish clear coat. The coating's hydrophobic properties ensure water and dirt simply slide off, keeping your vehicle cleaner for extended periods. Its protective properties also help minimize the visibility of minor scratches and blemishes.

The product's formulation increases flash time over the existing PPF. Moreover, SATIN ceramic coating helps enhance the depth and clarity of custom or factory satin or matte finishes without altering the appearance. Plus, FUSION PLUS SATIN is backed by a 4-year transferable warranty.

STEALTH PPF and FUSION PLUS SATIN Ceramic Coating Offer Style and Protection

Giving your vehicle a new look with industry-leading protection can be a two-for-one result with XPEL STEALTH PPF. This satin finish paint protection film can turn gloss into a sleek sheen with the added benefits of PPF. Make it a combo with FUSION PLUS SATIN ceramic coating. The secondary layer of hydrophobic protection on top of the satin PPF provides your vehicle with an enhanced new look, backed by a warranty, and covered in quality protection with minimum maintenance requirements.

Experience the Difference with XPEL FUSION PLUS SATIN

If you're looking for a way to protect and maintain the unique look of your XPEL STEATH PPF or satin painted vehicle, FUSION PLUS SATIN ceramic coating is the ideal choice. Contact us today to learn more about this specialized product and the rest of the FUSION PLUS lineup and to schedule your application.

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