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Choosing the Right Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle with XPEL FUSION PLUS

XPEL Ceramic Coating Designed with PPF in Mind

Whether you purchase, lease, or invest in its sentimental value, you want your car or truck to look its best as often as possible. But maintaining a vehicle's paintwork shining and scratch-free is a never-ending chore. XPEL products, like its self-healing PPF, offer a viable solution to ease the worry of parking lot scratches and chips caused by road debris. However, PPF still requires regular washing to ensure the best results. That's why XPEL offers a line of FUSION PLUS ceramic coating products designed with paint protection film in mind.

FUSION PLUS PREMIUM , LITE, and SATIN are ceramic coatings that work in sync with PPF. This article will explain the differences between the three types of ceramic coating and highlight key features to help you pick the best one for your paint protection needs.


FUSION PLUS PREMIUM is the flagship of the XPEL ceramic coating family. The key feature is its hydrophobic properties allowing water to bead up and slide off surfaces. This coating is thicker than others making it more durable against environmental paint hazards like debris, bugs, and acid rain. Moreover, its 9H hardness rating provides better resistance against light scratches and swirl marks while providing a color-enriching glossy finish.


  • Resistance against minor scratches and swirl marks
  • Long lasting super gloss finish
  • Industry-leading hydrophobic properties with UV protection
  • Backed by an 8-year transferable warranty

A professional installer is recommended for applying FUSION PLUS PREMIUM ceramic coating to a vehicle. A professional will treat and remove any contaminants before applying the ceramic coating, ensuring a single application for maximum results. In addition, PREMIUM ceramic coating requires an annual inspection and top-off application using FUSION PLUS LITE to maintain the warranty. Maintenance recommendations include regular washing while avoiding harsh chemicals and excessive rubbing for durable and lasting ceramic coating protection.


FUSION PLUS LITE is XPEL's entry-level ceramic coating. It helps maintain FUSION PLUS PREMIUM ceramic coating during annual inspections. However, LITE works well as a standalone product and offers all the key benefits of PREMIUM coating. The main difference between the two is longevity. LITE ceramic coating is best suited for vehicle owners who want a gleaming paint job without the hassle of weekly detailing.


  • Easy-to-clean hydrophobic properties
  • Reliable protection against oxidation, color fade, and loss of gloss
  • Designed to Protect PPF
  • Backed by a 1-year transferable warranty

LITE ceramic coating is convenient for anyone looking to make regular car washing easier. Its industry-leading hydrophobic properties help surfaces retain their glossy finish. Vehicles with PPF can benefit from using this ceramic coating as a secondary layer of protection to help prevent film damage. Moreover, it provides peace of mind against color fading when exposed to the sun's harmful UV rays.


A unique variant in the XPEL ceramic coating family is FUSION PLUS SATIN .This coating brand protects satin finish paint and XPEL STEATH PPF. It blends seamlessly with satin or matte paint while providing industry leading hydrophobic properties and leaves surfaces with an ultra-smooth feel to the touch. Plus, this ceramic coating helps make it easier to maintain matte or satin paint looking its best.


  • Protects satin/matte finish paint and satin PPF
  • Durable protection against oxidation, color fade, and UV damage
  • Better resistance against light scratches and swirl marks
  • Backed by a 4-year transferable warranty

A professional installer is recommended for applying FUSION PLUS SATIN. Using aftermarket car wax or sealants is also not suggested, as it may diminish the coating's longevity and performance.

FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating Protects More than Paint

XPEL's lineup of ceramic coating extends to a vehicle's glass, brake calipers, wheels, and interior. Each coating variant works to shield specific surface types to deliver the best hydrophobic protection.

It's a highly advanced and effective solution to help protect and keep your vehicle looking its best, rain or shine. So if you're looking for a premium and effective solution to help keep your car looking its best all year round, FUSION PLUS has you covered.