New media and marketing projects took center stage at the 2022 XPEL Dealer Conference. We've made this content available so you catch up on any clips you may have missed, rewatch your favorites, or even download straight from the player & display them in your business!

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Watch the XDC22 Highlight Video Below

2022 Hype Reel

Turn the lights down and the music up for this one - it's time to kick start 2022 with the latest XPEL Hype Reel! Thi s video highlights a number of exciting events, activations, partnerships, and products that you've come to know & love.

Exploring New XPEL Products To Provide for Your Clients

Since 2019, we've introduced a wide array of new products and applications for our exciting, existing offerings. Watch & learn about all the ways XPEL can help protect the vehicles, surfaces,people & places you love most.

Living Comfortably with VISION Home & Office Window Film

How can we help you live comfortably? It starts with VISION Home & Office Window Film. By providing innovative solutions to increase the performance of glass performance VISION Home & Office Window Film can address specific needs related to temperature control, glare, heat,harmful UV rays, safety, security, privacy, and design.

What's New in Marketing with VP, Brand - Robert Bezner

Get a quick look at all sorts of awesome marketing projects and content pieces created to build the brand while driving product awareness in 2021. From new product reveals, and content libraries, to exciting sponsorships & incredible events, there's lots to talk about with XPEL.

Growing the XPEL Product Catalog

We never stop innovating - and we aim to deliver products that meet demand while exceeding expectation. XPEL's product catalog continues to grow, and this video helps capture the mood. With new innovations in PPF, Window Film and Ceramic Coating, there's something for everyone to get excited about.

2022 Marketing Road Map

There's a lot happening in Marketing these days, and this video captures it all. Look for XPEL in digital & print advertising, hosting & attending a variety of events, sponsoring clubs, race teams, and much, much more.

Introducing Scott Mclaughlin - INDYCAR Rookie of the Year | XPEL 375

He might be new here, but he's no stranger to winning. Scott Mclaughlin is the Team Penske INDYCAR Rookie of the Year, and he'll be piloting the XPEL #3 at the upcoming XPEL 375 at Texas Motor Speedway.

Circuit of the Americas | XPEL 225 | NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Get revved up - XPEL is heading to NASCAR World Camping Truck Series with the XPEL 225 at Circuit of the Americas! Take a look at the video for all the details about our upcoming race in the 2022 Season and get tickets now.

Testimonials from Ryan Martin - Fireball Outlaw Camaro & Bill Goldberg

We love getting feedback from customers great & small. Check out these awesome testimonial shorts from two serious car guys -- Ryan Martin and Bill Goldberg .

NO SWEAT - An XPEL PPF Commercial Short

Sometimes things don't always go as planned - but, no sweat! XPEL Paint Protection FIlm has you covered. Watch the latest commercial short highlighting the benefits of XPEL PPF.

NO RISK - An XPEL PPF Commercial Short

It's time to enjoy the pleasure of driving without all the risks. No chips, no scratches - just XPEL Paint Protection Film. Enjoy this quick commercial short showcasing some epic driving and top-notch protection from XPEL.

XDC22 Competition Winners:

ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film:

1st Place: Tyler O'Hara of American Wrap Co.
2nd Place: Matthew Collins of American Wrap Co.
3rd Place: Keyvon Zomorrodian of ACAP Films

PPF 1st – Tyler O'hara - American Wrap Co

PPF 2nd – Matthew Collins of American Wrap Co.

PPF 3nd – Keyvon Zomorrodian - ACAP Films

PRIME Window Tint:

1st Place: Bernhard Vuqiterna of Chicago Auto Pros
2nd Place: Alex Rosales of Gulf Coast Auto Shield
3rd Place: Ron Talley of Midwest Tinting

Tint 1st – Bernhard Vuqiterna - Chicago Auto Pros

Tint 2nd – Alex Rosales - Gulf Coast Auto Shield

Tint 3rd - Ron Talley- Midwest Tinting

VISION Home & Office Window Film:

1st Place: Caleb Silkett of Midwest Tinting
2nd Place: Ronald McCullough of Midnight Tinting
3rd Place: Johnny Blades of Texas Tint Masters

Flat Glass 1st - Caleb Silkett - Midwest Tinting

Flat Glass 2nd – Ronald McCullough - Midnight Tinting

Flat Glass 3rd – Johnny Blades - Texas Tint Masters


2022 Winners Received:


  • 1st Place - $10,000 IN CASH & $2,500 IN XPEL CREDIT
  • 2nd Place - $2,500 CASH
  • 3rd Place - $750 iN CASH


  • 1st Place - $10,000 IN CASH & $2,500 IN XPEL CREDIT
  • 2nd Place - $2,500 CASH
  • 3rd Place - $750 iN CASH


  • 1st Place - $10,000 IN CASH & $2,500 IN XPEL CREDIT
  • 2nd Place - $2,500 CASH
  • 3rd Place - $750 iN CASH