XPEL Dealer Conference 2021

February 5th & 6th at the Grand Hyatt in Downtown San Antonio.

To register early, contact Customer Support at +1 (210) 678-3700, email orders@xpel.com, or contact your Sales Rep.

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Everyone at XPEL would like to thank all of our dealers that attended the XPEL Dealer Conference this year at the Grand Hyatt. We are already looking forward to XDC21! Congratulations to all award winners & thank you to all who competed- see you in 2021!

XDC19 Competition Winners:

ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film:

1st Place: Tyler O'Hara of American Wrap Co.
2nd Place: Chris West of CCA Motorsport
3rd Place: Lance Pugh of Clear Pro

PPF 1st – Tyler O'hara

PPF 2nd – Chris West

PPF 3rd – Lance Pugh

PRIME Window Tint:

1st Place: Steve Reader of Dynamic Tint
2nd Place: Alex Rosales of Gulf Coast Auto Shield
3rd Place: Jose Morales of Tint Avenue

Tint 1st – Steve Reader

Tint 2nd – Gulf Coast Auto Shield

Tint 3rd – Jose Morales

VISION Architectural Film:

1st Place: Shane Geddes of Solar Secure
2nd Place: Charles Marshall
3rd Place: Rob Ruska

Flat Glass 1st - Shane Geddes

Flat Glass 2nd – Charles Marshall

Flat Glass 3rd – Rob Ruska