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Acid Rain, the Invisible Paint Hazard Ruining the Paint Finish on Your Car

Rain can be a refreshing break from a punishing heatwave. But rainfall can bring a potential hazard to your vehicle's paintwork beyond water spots. Rain can carry certain elemental materials that if left to dry on a car can cause paint damage over time, otherwise known as acid rain.

What is Acid Rain?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, acid rain is defined as a term to describe a mixture of wet and dry deposited material from the atmosphere containing higher than average amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. Any water falling from the sky can be classified as "acid rain," including dew, snow, and rainfall.

When it falls on a vehicle surface, the moisture can evaporate, but the acidity stays, which causes paint (and metal) to weaken over time. The damaging effects of acid rain can look like white mineral build-up on a vehicle's paint. Like when you forget to use a drink coaster on a wooden coffee table, and it leaves an unsightly water ring stain.

Other environmental pollutants like bugs and bird droppings can erode the protective layers of the paint, causing the surface to become rough and pitted. Over time, repeated exposure to acid rain can lead to progressive paint damage. The cumulative effect of these interactions can result in more pronounced paint etching and a compromised paint finish.

How Ceramic Coating Protects Against Acid Rain

Ceramic coating is a popular product due to its hydrophobic properties. When applied to a surface, it helps repel water and prevents other contaminants from sticking. As a result, it leaves a slick finish. Premium variants like XPELFUSION PLUS ceramic coating add visual benefits that can enhance the color depth for an ultra glossy shine.

This is a low-maintenance solution to ensure your car's paint looks its best and makes it easier to maintain. Additionally, XPEL offers a wide range of ceramic coating variants to protect everything on a vehicle like wheels, brake calipers, glass, plastic trim, and some interior components.

XPEL Car Care Products

The most straightforward preventive measure to avoid paint damage from acid rain is routine washing. There is an abundance of vehicle cleaning products on the market today. From general purpose cleaning to hyper specific detailing products to help maintain your car's paint, wheels, glass, and trim. The general rule of thumb for vehicle maintenance is to wash it at least once every two weeks. Whether it’s getting a bucket of suds on Sunday afternoon. Or driving through a touch-free automated car wash before going to work.

Those who prefer a DIY approach have a gallery of car cleaning products to choose from. Among them is XPEL’s line of car care products offering detailing sprays to remove iron build up and spot free glass cleaners. In addition to microfiber towels, buckets, and specialty products to maintain PPF and ceramic coating like XPEL Ceramic Boost.

Taking preventive steps through routine cleaning is the first line of defense in protecting your vehicle's paint against acid rain, oxidation, fading, and paint etching.

Protect Your Ride with XPEL Peace of Mind

XPEL provides an extensive range of PPF and Ceramic Coatings to protect your car, bike, truck, and watercraft. Shop our car care page to find DIY products to help you maintain your car's gloss or satin color at home. Or use the Installer Locator Tool Tool to find an XPEL dealer near you and get a free quote on any of our paint protection services today!