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Equipping an Athletic Club with VISION One Way Window Film for Extra Privacy

With any large multi-use or recreational space, keeping areas private & separated can be tricky. At this local Texas athletic club, parents often want to observe their kids practicing for the next big game.

By adding VISION One Way Window Film in the viewing area, they've made training more comfortable for the whole family. Check out the video below and keep reading for more!

Get a Mirror-Like Look with VISION Window Film

Featuring three tall windows that look on to an interior playfield, the viewing room was a perfect candidate for VISION One Way.

Window Film specialist & XPEL Certified Installer Eric came prepared with everything needed for a speedy install.

Sizing up the film & trimming each piece for a perfect fit, Eric made quick work of the installation prep. For larger projects, VISION Window Film can be pre-cut, saving time, money, and film from going to waste!

From outside the spectator's box, the effect of VISION One Way Window Film is undeniable. The glass now has a near mirror-like finish, reflecting back onto the playfield.

Inside, VISION One Way Window Film has helped reduce any glare coming from exterior light. Now, parents will be able to watch their champions in the making with visual clarity & comfort.

If you're looking to add next-level reflectivity & privacy to any windows in your home, office, or activity area, VISION One Way Window Film can help. For more info, head over to the VISION page to check out the complete line up.

Need help with your next window film project? Contact an XPEL Certified Installer today for a complimentary quote now!