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2016 BMW M4

  • Full Coverage XPEL STEALTH PPF satin finish paint protection from Auto Armour
  • XPEL ULTIMATE gloss paint protection on carbon roof, splitters, mirrors & headlights
  • XPEL PRIME XR window film
  • 20” HRE P101 wheels with custom frozen finish (10” front, 11.5” rear)
  • DinanTRONICS Stage 3, Heat Exchanger, free flow exhaust, carbon CAI, rear suspension link kit. lightweight adjustable swaybars, Tension Strut Ball Joint Kit, and pedal cover set
  • KW HAS springs
  • BMW M Performance parts with YMB paint
  • Custom shaved front side reflectors
  • Custom painted interior & brake calipers
  • AutoTecknic Competition DCT Paddles, Carbon Door Handle Trims. Carbon & Alcantara E-Brake Handle
  • iND painted rear reflectors & painted key hole cover
  • Enlaes Carbon Fiber 4-piece Full Diffuser, Carbon Fiber Side Skirts & Carbon Fiber Trunk Lip
  • MRG titanium stud kit


For our second installment of the XPEL Insiders video series, we ventured back to California in search of madness. YasMadness, to be precise.

The BMW M4 piloted by Hunter Evans can be seen roaming the coastline & cayons on the daily. We sat down with Hunter to talk about growing up in Malibu, Cali living, and where his infamous Bimmer gets its name.


For Hunter, the yearn for BMW ownership began in high school. While his friends daily’d E92s and 135s, he made the trek in a rather sluggish Hummer H3. Malibu is brimming with car culture of all varieties, so the thirst for something more was real from the start.

Of course, good things take time. While whipping the H3, Hunter set his sights on the M4. Once he acquired it, everything else seemed to fall into place.

“When you’re surrounded by it as a kid, it’s the norm. When that becomes the norm, it’s what you work towards as an innate desire.”

And for many automotive enthusiasts, this mentality rings true. We pine for a sense of belonging & serenity that one can attain from driving the perfect car on the open road.

“Multiple friends got BMWs as their first cars – it was the only brand that I really wanted. It’s just a dream come true to have this finally.”

No doubt, achieving drivable utopia is a goal worth chasing.


If you’re not familiar with the YasMadness M4, you might mistake it for a factory frozen BMW. Thanks to Auto Armour in San Diego, the Yas Marina finish got frosted with the kind of satin sheen only XPEL STEALTH PPF can provide. With Malibu as a backdrop, Hunter’s BMW turns heads as quick as it turns corners.

The factor carbon roof & aftermarket accents remain glossy as ever thanks to ULTIMATE clear bra as well. For an added bump of power, the M4 received everything under the sun and then some from DINAN. The car made it to SEMA for two consecutive years finding its home in the DINAN booth, and even managed to get recognized by the good people at MotorTrend for being a “top tuner car” of 2015.

“I was just floored. I never imagined being on a MOTORTREND top anything list.”

To finish off the look, custom painted HRE P101s fill out the M4’s arches in style with performance to match.

Whether it’s prowling PCH or perched on a turnout overlooking the coastline, the Yas Madness M4 is well equipped for California living.

“This car has been life changing.”

Understandably so. The M4 ranks pretty high on the list of “cars we’d like to have in our dream garage,” and after experiencing the madness of Yas first hand, we’re definitely hungry for more.

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Spending time in the ‘Bu with Hunter and YasMadness was an experience we won’t soon forget. In a world of keyboard warriors and fervent purists, his friendly, approachable nature & enthusiasm for BMW ownership was incredibly refreshing.