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XPEL TRACWRAP ™ Delivers High Speed Protection at COTA Lamborghini Track Day

The problem with owning a Lamborghini is having to "share the road" with everybody else. The burden of having a finely tuned thoroughbred at your disposal but no room to let it run. In addition, real-world obstacles like traffic laws, distracted drivers, potholes, and dreaded speed bumps keep high-performance supercars on a tight leash.

Organized track days offer driving enthusiasts a playground to experience a car's full bang for their buck. Moreover, it provides a safe environment to hone one's skills in high-performance driving. Recently, Lamborghini Austin hosted a track day event at the Circuit of The Americas (COTA) Formula 1 racetrack. XPEL was there to provide Lamborghini owners with TRACWRAP . This easy-to-apply DIY film protected the high-dollar supercars' lower riding frontends, diffusers, side skirts, and carbon fiber spoilers against damage caused by road debris.

From the Aventador to the Urus, XPEL TRACWRAP protected Lamborghinis at COTA as they charged through the track's 20 challenging turns.

XPEL TRACWRAP caters to car owners who like to experience their vehicle's performance at the limit. Made from 8 mil thick urethane film, TRACWAP is a protective barrier from rocks, mud, bug guts, and track debris. It is the DIY solution to protecting a vehicle's paint before going out on the track or hitting the trails. Other uses include shielding your car's front end and headlights on long road trips from paint-staining bugs and protecting vehicles, boats, and motorcycles during transportation.

The film is designed for easy installation without needing special tools or chemicals. Moreover, TRACWRAP does not leave behind sticky residue when removed, making it easier to clean your vehicle after a day of fun. While car insurance can provide financial peace of mind, XPEL provides a physical benefit with industry-leading paint protection. Use TRACWRAP on your next track day and enjoy hitting the apex, knowing your car's front spoiler and paint livery are protected against debris.

Want to Protect Your Car’s Paint on Track Day? Use XPEL TRACWRAP

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