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There's No Place like XPEL: SEMA 2023 Recap

XPEL at SEMA 2023

SEMA 2023 came and went, but we're still riding the wave of excitement from attending this mecca of all things automotive. Sharing floor space with jaw-dropping custom car builds and exciting product launches. This year, XPEL went all out in turning booth 52065 into a home, literally. The XPEL House created a welcoming atmosphere, providing guests with a firsthand experience of the Protect Everything lifestyle.

XPEL at SEMA 2023 showcased a wide range of automotive and home products. Experts were on hand to answer questions and give live demonstrations of several desirable vehicles. Plus, motorsport celebrities stopped by to hand out autographs and social media photo opportunities. These are the highlights and unforgettable moments from the XPEL booth at SEMA 2023.

The XPEL House at SEMA 2023

During SEMA week, the XPEL House booth hosted guests to a gallery of products designed to protect everything. Each room catered to a different product. InvisiFRAME had its own space to explain the benefits of bicycle protection films. Meanwhile, guests could lounge in the sitting area on furniture treated with surface protection. Or examine the various home window films ranging in clarity, function, and privacy.

Naturally, the garage and driveway hosted several vehicles showcasing automotive protection products. Daily live demonstrations showcased paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coating, and window tint, allowing guests to see the product's benefits activated in real time.

BAC Mono Protected with XPEL PPF at SEMA

An XPEL home wouldn't be complete without a set of wheels parked in the garage. This year, XPEL brought two fast and pretty machines to gleam under the spotlights. The BAC Mono is a premium sports car that gains more with less, featuring ultralight bodywork that cuts its weight to less than 1,300 pounds.

The featherweight body is powered by a mid-mounted 2.5-liter engine, producing a healthy 311 horsepower. As a result, the BAC Mono can sprint from zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds.

The Mono's graphene-carbon composite bodywork became the perfect canvas to perform live XPELULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film demonstrations. At SEMA, guests got to see the PPF application process in real-time, showcasing the quality of the product and expertise honed by our trained installers.

2024 BMW M2 in the Spotlight at SEMA

Nestled in the XPEL House garage was an Alpine white 2024 BMW M2. This coupe came fitted with an assortment of the M Power branded goodies designed to boost its TwinPower turbocharged 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine to its full potential. While the gloss white paint gleamed under the spotlight, the BMW M2's glass showcased premium PRIME automotive window films.

Guests could see the window tint application process on the BMW during live demonstrations. Moreover, they had the opportunity to talk with veteran XPEL installers and ask questions about the process. This display allowed people to see firsthand how this window tint improves privacy without affecting the clarity of looking out.

Ultra Rare McLaren P1 GTR with XPEL at SEMA

The McLaren P1 GTR is a special variant designed as a track car with a nearly 2 million dollar price tag. A lighter, faster, and more extreme variant of the standard McLaren P1, producing 986 horsepower. Capable of reaching a limited top speed of 217 mph!

With only 45 examples built, having the P1 GTR in front of the XPEL House was an honor. Guests could get close to the supercar with its Team Lark racing livery protected with ULTIMATE PLUS PPF.

XPEL Sponsored Motorsport Celebs at SEMA 2023

The XPEL booth at SEMA 2023 also hosted celebrities from the fast lane world of motorsport. Professional INDYCAR racing driver Scott McLaughlin signed autographs and gave guests a reason to post on social media with photo opportunities. In addition, Street Outlaws Ryan Martin shook hands and posed for photos with fans and enthusiasts alike. We want to thank both gentlemen for being there and providing a memorable experience to all who came to see them.

XPEL Dealer Conference Confirmed for February 2024

As this year's SEMA event moves into the past, XPEL looks forward to the near future - XDC. Next year's 2024 Dealer Conference in San Antonio, Texas, is scheduled for February 23-24. Registration is open to attend this annual gathering of all things XPEL. Big plans are in the works that we cannot wait to show you at XDC 2024.

See you then!