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XPEL Wraps the Hottest Hatch Americans Cannot Have in ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film and FUSION PLUS ™ Ceramic Coating

XPEL Letchworth recently had the opportunity to apply paint protection film to a vehicle not available in the United States. A 2020 Toyota GR Yaris visited the United Kingdom-based XPEL installation center. The British hot-hatch was treated to a full-front ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film wrap followed by FUSION PLUS ™ Ceramic Coating on its exterior paint and wheels.

The desirable hatch is now ready for a transcontinental road trip across Europe – scenic routes only. Many car enthusiasts in America have expressed envy about not having access to the Toyota GR Yaris. This car is being called a WRC Rally car for the street. It boasts a small but mighty three-cylinder engine with impressive power and handling characteristics guaranteed to produce smiles behind the wheel.

The engine is a 1.6-liter producing 257-horsepower with the aid of a turbocharger. Its performance figures make it the most powerful three-cylinder engine in the world. This engine is also a close, street legal, variant of the drivetrain used in the Junior World Rally Championship 2. Complimenting the GR Yaris’ performance is an all-wheel-drive system, a traditional six-speed manual transmission, and a curb weight under 3,000-pounds.

The Toyota GR Yaris was developed by Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s in-house motorsports division. The car is meant to be Toyota’s return to rally racing. For 2021, the Toyota GR Yaris now offers 268-hp and allows drivers to choose between three different drive modes: Normal, Sport, and Track. Each drive mode alters the way the engine’s torque is distributed between the front and rear axles to improve handling. Will the Toyota GR Yaris ever come to North America? Only time will tell. ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection for Toyota

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