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Professional Off-Road Racer John Moul Uses XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS ™ PPF to Protect His Ultra4 Racecar

The road less traveled is often the path most desired by off-road enthusiasts. It provides a greater challenge to overcome with their 4x4 machine – the more demanding, the better. For professional Ultra4 off-road racing driver John Moul, it's been the only way to travel for 23 years. Because off-roading can be a torture test for vehicle surfaces, Moul brought his No.14 Ultra4 racecar to XPEL to be protected with ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 10 Mil Paint Protection Film.

At the XPEL installation center in San Antonio, TX, certified trained installers applied ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 10 Mil Paint Protection Film to the racecar's removable body panels. Before XPEL, the racecar's body panels would often need paint repairs after a race due to the extreme off-road environment.

XPEL PPF will help protect the Ultra4 race car’s valuable sponsorship decals against the elements during a race. ULTIMATE PLUS 10 is thicker, more durable, film grade formulated to protect surfaces against road grime, scratch marks, environmental pollutants and help prevent chemical corrosion. In addition, ULTIMATE PLUS 10 Mil 'self-healing' properties will ensure John Moul's Ultra4 race car always looks its best, whether in a race or on display.

Moul became a true off-road enthusiast after owning his first Jeep, which was given to him by his grandmother after joining the Navy. After owning seven different Jeeps, Moul discovered the world of Ultra4 extreme off-road racing and was captivated by the challenge. Ultra4 refers to unlimited four-wheel-drive racing involving purpose-built racing trucks traveling at high speeds over harsh terrain. As a result, Moul formed the John Moul Racing team and entered his first King of Hammers event in 2018. Moul's No.14 Ultra4 race car is a Red Dragon 2.0 built by Jimmy's 4x4 powered by a 448ci LS7 V8 built by Thompson Motorsports of Texas. XPEL is proud to be John Moul Racing's protective film partner in Ultra4 racing.