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XPEL Helps Protect Supercars In Las Vegas

SPEEDVEGAS is a 100-acre motorsports facility located just off the Las Vegas Strip. With more than 20 supercars & high-performance vehicles in their fleet, protecting their investments is a top priority.

Darren Strahl, Executive VP of SPEEDVEGAS, recently visited our certified installer in Las Vegas, Nevada to get one of the newest editions to the SPEEDVEGAS fleet coated in our product. Their 2020 C8 Corvette is on the cusp of embarking on a lot of spirited track miles, so to keep the fresh paint squeaky clean and protected from harsh on-track conditions, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film and FUSION PLUS Paint & PPF ceramic coating was applied to the exterior of the car.

Getting On Track With ULTIMATE PLUS PPF & FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

“We’d always have cars with road-rash on them before using PPF,” explained Darren. “Now XPEL has developed this formula with their FUSION PLUS Paint & PPF ceramic coating that compliments their PPF.” Darren also pointed out that during regular road use, the PPF takes the beating that otherwise would be done to the vehicle’s clear coat. “You can remove it and it [paint] still looks great. You can even do a little bit of work with the film to make it look better.”

FUSION PLUS Paint & PPF ceramic coating provides an extra layer of protection that, as demonstrated on this SPEEDVEGAS Corvette, can be layered on top of PPF. This will increase the vehicle surface’s hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, ensuring longevity of the exterior finish. “It’s going to live a hard life for at least a year or so,” Darren commented. “I know it will look as good as it does right now in a year.”

In addition to protection, SPEEDVEGAS needs to make sure their cars stay looking pristine off the track. With FUSION PLUS, the time needed to clean the car after track use is significantly decreased. Oftentimes, the cars are not given a deep-cleaning wet wash particularly now with Fusion Plus. “Our stuff is always on display, so it has got to look its best at all times. When people come here, they want to see their dream car.”

As the summer season transitions to fall in Las Vegas we reached out to SPEEDVEGAS to see how the first 45 days have gone with the new C8 in the fleet. “Guests have loved the new C8 so far, our coaches and mechanics have all commented how this car looks and cleans up each day for our guest experiences,” Darren shared.

Ready to experience the benefits of XPEL products first hand & spend some time in the driver's seat of a new Corvette C8? Head over to SpeedVegas.com for details.

If you're interested in having ULTIMATE PLUS PPF or FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating installed on any vehicle in your fleet, the XPEL certified installer network can help - click here to find a dealer near you.