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FUSION PLUS MARINE Ceramic Coating Protects 170 MPH Power Boat

Speed boats mix adrenaline and performance to turn experiences into core memories. They epitomize fun, excitement, and freedom above the water. Whether racing across the lake, cruising along the coastline, or participating in water sports, speed boats provide the ultimate opportunity to chase the horizon in style.

Owning a speed or power boat is a nice thing. And like most nice things in life, they require maintenance and protection. One of the common challenges boat owners deal with is scratches and damage caused by passengers boarding and disembarking. A small price to pay for sharing leisure time with friends and family, but wouldn't it be great if there was a solution to minimize these scratches and keep your boat looking pristine in and out of the water? XPEL has the answer with PPF and FUSION PLUS MARINE ceramic coating.

DCB M31 Widebody Speed Boat Protected with XPEL

This 2012 DCB M31 widebody speed boat recently visited an XPEL installation shop in Houston, Texas. The owner of the boat was fed up with passengers scratching the paintwork when boarding and disembarking because this type of watercraft requires you to walk across its nose. As a result, the shop installers treated the power boat with paint protection film and followed up with FUSION PLUS MARINE ceramic coating.

Each type of watercraft is designed for a specific purpose. Boats like the DCB M31 Widebody are built with one goal in mind – speed. Armed with twin Mercury Racing turbocharged engines, each flexing 1,350 horsepower, the M31 is a buoyant cruise missile capable of reaching speeds over 170 mph. According to DCB Performance, the M31 charges from zero to 103 mph in 15 seconds and 130 mph in 20 seconds! The green paint on this DCB M31 is durable but not invincible. XPEL PPFand ceramic coating will help keep this power boat looking green and mean for many more years to come.

Benefits of Using FUSION PLUS MARINE On Your Boat

The FUSION PLUS MARINE ceramic coating takes paint protection to a new level for marine watercraft. This advanced ceramic coating is specifically formulated for marine environments, offering unparalleled durability and resistance to harsh conditions. With its hydrophobic properties, XPEL ceramic coating helps repel water, dirt, grime, and UV rays while making it easier to maintain a clean and polished look.

The benefits of using ceramic coating on your watercraft are highlighted by its versatility. It can protect gel coated wood, plastic, leather, aluminum, and fiberglass surfaces. Ideal for protecting interior tabletops, seats, and windows by helping to repel water. In addition to protecting against long term exposure to UV rays and direct sunlight that can cause interior components to fade or crack. Furthermore, it can protect a boat's exterior gel coat and graphics above the water line against the corrosive properties of salt and freshwater. Ceramic coating can also be applied on digital screens or instrument panels to help improve visibility when out on the water. Ceramic coating all-in-one product to protect virtually any part of your boat or watercraft.

Combine PPF and Ceramic Coating for Maximum Protection

Separately, both products offer superior paint protection results. However, when combined, PPF and ceramic coating work like peanut butter and jelly. These innovative products are designed to provide unmatched protection and ensure your watercraft stays scratch-free when on the water, in storage, or while being transported.

XPEL paint protection film is a transparent, self-healing film acting as a barrier between your boat's exterior and potential scratches. As a result, it offers superior resistance against scratches, scuffs, and other surface damage, preserving the beauty of your speed boat or watercraft.

Combining PPF and MARINE ceramic coating creates a powerful defense system for your speed boat or watercraft. The PPF is the first line of defense against scratches, while the ceramic coating acts as a secondary layer of protection to ensure your boat maintains its glossy finish. These products work together to keep your watercraft looking its best and enhance its longevity at the dock, in storage, or on the water. So say goodbye to tedious cleaning sessions with sore elbows and hello to more fun in the sun.

XPEL Marine Ceramic Coating Peace of Mind

So, whether you're tearing through the waves or relaxing with friends and family, XPEL PPF and FUSION PLUS MARINE have your back. With its unbeatable protection and easy maintenance, you can focus on the exhilarating experiences and memories that a speed boat can offer without worrying about the nicks and scratches that come with it.