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6 Ways XPEL Commercial Window Film Helps Protect, Save Costs, and Improve Interior Quality for Building Owners

Managing or owning a building is more than providing a roof over a client's head. It involves creating an inviting, comfortable, and safe environment for any potential tenant, client, and visitor who enters through the door. Apart from sturdy load-bearing walls and clean carpets, one of the most crucial elements impacting any interior space is the windows.

Glass panels and windows do much more than let in natural light and provide a view of the outside world. XPEL VISION window films are an innovation in functionality and style for business owners looking to enhance the appeal of their building while improving comfort through vital UV and infrared sun protection. In this article, we'll explore six key benefits of using commercial window films to improve the quality, comfort, and safety of a building while helping to reduce costs.

Energy Savings and Thermal Comfort

One of the most significant advantages of architecture window film is savings on energy costs. It reduces the amount of infrared heat coming into the building. Infrared heat is the burning sensation you feel when stepping into a hot car or leaving an air-conditioned building in the middle of August. XPEL window films work to reject solar heat and block harmful UV rays from passing through the glass. This makes it easier to maintain a more consistent, cooler temperature in a building.

As a result, the air conditioning unit isn't constantly working to mitigate the heat coming into the room.

No More Squinting Eyes with Window Film Glare Reduction

Nothing halts a train of thought like sun glare. It can prevent you from seeing the screen. Potentially cause premature fatigue from adjusting your eyes to compensate for the excess brightness. Plus, it's not comfortable. XPEL window films work to reduce glare by up to 90 percent. Thus, the film improves visual comfort for occupants, enabling them to focus better and be more productive.

Whether it's a conference room, office space, or retail establishment, the reduction in glare provided by XPEL commercial window film enhances the overall experience. It makes your building more appealing in the process.

Enhanced Privacy

XPEL offers architecture window film in various options to cater to a building owner's specific needs and requirements. Among these, privacy sits high on the list, offering frosted and decorative tints and even one-way mirrors. These types of window film provide privacy inside while still providing some visibility through letting in some natural light.

A benefit of this privacy or frosted window film is the enhanced aesthetic appeal of your building. The film can be customized with your company logo or branding, adding a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your façade.

Using Window Film to Deter and Protect Against Glass Breakage and Vandalism

XPEL also offers specialty variants to help improve safety, like VISION Security Film. This thick film is designed to handle the brunt of direct impacts. When the glass is shattered, the security film uses an industrial-grade adhesive to hold the fragments together within the frame. As a result, VISION Security Film acts to deter break-ins and vandalism in addition to creating a safer window by helping to prevent flying shards of glass.

VISION Security film has various options, including Silver and Neutral, which offers solar heat protection—a valuable feature for buildings and storefronts with large display windows facing the sun.

VISION Anti-Graffitiprovides shop windows with a cost-effective solution to glass that is susceptible to vandalism. This multi-layer film works as transparent skin over the glass. It protects against graffiti and scratch marks, making it a more affordable solution to costly window replacements.

Protection Against Damage Caused by UV Exposure

For us, exposure to the UV radiation from the sun for too long can result in painful burns and a higher risk of skin cancer. But objects like flooring, furniture, and electronics can also fall victim to the UV radiation's damaging effects. XPEL VISION provides a more comfortable indoor environment that's safer for occupants by reducing UV exposure by 99%. XPEL’s industry-leading attention to quality in UV protection film has earned a Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation .

Improving Interior Aesthetic

The look of a room affects a person's mood and productivity. Interior decorators and designers work extensively to create an atmosphere to fit a client's or business's needs. For this reason, XPEL offers multiple variants of decorative window film , like frosted glass and blackout film, to improve your office's or business's visual aesthetics and a better alternative to dust-collecting blinds or curtains.

On the other end of the spectrum VISION Clear View Plus window film protects against all fronts by reducing UV and infrared heat, eliminating sunspots and glare while not affecting outbound visibility. It's an ideal window film for commercial buildings that need transparent interior protection from the sun.

XPEL Window Film Provides Performance, Options, and Affordability

With an extended line of specialty films and options, XPEL commercial window film is a game-changer for building owners looking to invest in energy efficiency, reduce glare, enhance privacy, security reinforcement, and UV protection. This cutting-edge film can create a more comfortable, visually appealing, and secure environment for occupants and visitors. Utilizing the full potential of XPEL commercial window films can improve the look, sustainability, and functional space of your building for the benefit of everyone inside. For more information regarding XPELcommercial window film services, visit our VISION Home & Office Window Film page.