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Tinter Battles 2021: Supporting One of Our Own

The window film community is a tight-knit group of individuals who have a tremendous passion for their craft – and for members of the craft. One such member is Donnie Dixon. He is a true industry veteran and has installed automotive, commercial and residential window film for close to 30 years. After news of his rare cancer diagnosis traveled across industry forums and the tinter community, key players in the window film industry came together to produce Tinter Battles 2021 to help raise money for Donnie to offset medical costs incurred to treat his diagnosis. The two-day fund-raising event took place in Houston, Texas, and raised more than $50,000!

The video below showcases highlights from the weekend and some keywords from event organizer Carlos Olazaba, participant Dean Mitchell, and Donnie Dixon himself.

During the drive-through tint-day, cars were tinted at a fixed price of $250, and all proceeds were donated to Donnie Dixon’s charity.

Teams competed for the title Tintertainment World Tag Team Title.

Industry veterans came together to support the cause.