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World Champion Cigarette Racing Boat Shines on the Water with Protection Provided by FUSION PLUS MARINE Ceramic Coating

Those unfamiliar with cigarette racing boats may think of Miami Vice. And while this high-performance speed boat fits with the scenic backdrop of a Miami Beach marina, it also must perform on the open water. To keep it looking & operating like a world champion, ProForm Auto treated it with XPEL FUSION PLUS MARINE Ceramic Coating.

Every inch of this 42-foot Tiger Cigarette boat, including its outboard engines, trim, and glass, received a layer of protective FUSION PLUS ceramic coating. As a result, the boat’s new six-figure paint job is better protected against the naturally occurring corrosive elements. In addition, bothersome undersea pests like barnacles and tubeworms will have trouble sticking to the boat’s ceramic coating barrier.

FUSION PLUS MARINE ceramic coating aims to brighten the shine while helping to cut back on time spent cleaning. Check out the video above to see it all in action.

The history of cigarette racing boats favors similarities with the origins of NASCAR. During the height of prohibition, people found various ways to wet their whistles under the nose of Uncle Sam. On land, modified cars with trunks full of high-octane brew outran federal revenue agents. That same method was used at sea to transport illegal rum from international waters to the coast using high-speed boats dubbed “rum runners.”

The boat’s extended and sleek “V” design made it ideal for slicing through the water at speed, with two supercharged engines providing the power to outrun the U.S. Coast Guard. In addition to being raced professionally, cigarette boats continued to be a valuable tool for smuggling contraband throughout the 1980s and 1990s. As a result, the history of the cigarette boat has been the source of inspiration for documentaries and film adaptations.

Today, original cigarette boats are highly collectible and sorted after by boating enthusiasts. If you’ve got a personal watercraft or cigarette boat that can benefit from FUSION PLUS MARINE , click here to find an installer, or visit the Ceramic Coating page to learn more.