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VISION™ Solar Window Film Reduces Over 90% of Infrared Heat at the Witte Museum

The Witte Museum has been a staple of San Antonio, TX, since it first opened in 1926. Over the years, the museum has helped inspire future generations through science, culture, and nature. VISION ™ Home & Office Window Film is helping to improve interior climate control at the Witte Museum by reducing the amount of exterior heat transferring through hallway windows.

VISION has a variety of purpose-specific window films to cater to many needs. VISION Solar Film is ideal for homes and businesses looking to reduce the transfer of heat through the glass.

For the requirements at the Witte Museum, XPEL installers conducted a preliminary visit to assess the existing heat transfer and recommend the best solution. Measurements were taken and the film was later cut and prepared before the secondary visit to install the film. Upon completion of the install, the glass windows retained its original look yet now deflects over 90 percent infrared heat from the outside. The film will also help reduce energy costs, improve interior comfort, and better protect guests against potentially harmful UV rays.

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