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XPEL RX ™ Antimicrobial Film Inhibits Growth of Surface Microbes

San Antonio's Witte Museum is a place of inspiration through science, culture, and nature. It hosts a variety of thought-provoking and informative exhibits such as the HEB Body Adventure, powered by the University of Health. This educational exhibit focuses on the health, empowerment, and wellness of the human body. Recently, the Witte Museum partnered with XPEL to install RX Antimicrobial film on the push-doors of the highly trafficked entryway to the Body Adventure exhibit.

RX film provides a thin transparent layer of protection for the surfaces it covers. It is infused with zinc pyrithione, an agent proven to inhibit the growth of surface microbes. As a result, the film helps reduce everyday wear and tear, such as scratches and other degradation on highly utilized surfaces.

The most common applications for RX film are high-touch areas like door handles, guard rails, and digital touch screens such as airport kiosks and ATMs. XPEL RX film can also apply it to countertops and tables. It is suitable for offices, restaurants, private homes, and vehicle interiors. XPEL Antimicrobial film is available in a matte or high-gloss finish.

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