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Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Ryan Martin Protects New Camaro ZL1 Race Car with Heavy-Duty ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 10 PPF

XPEL paint protection film has proven to be a viable solution to protecting vehicle surfaces even at a competitive level. ULTIMATE PLUS ™ PPF 10 has been used to protect the liveries on 4x4 rock crawlers, off-road desert racers, and supercars wearing six-figure paint jobs. The latest real-world example of XPEL PPF's heavy-duty durability is on Street Outlaws No Prep King Champion Ryan Martin's new procharged 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 dragster.

Street Outlaws is a Discovery Channel television show that follows a group of high-stakes illegal street racers competing for rank on the top 10 list of the fastest drivers. It first aired in 2013 and has gained a dedicated following amongst motorsport enthusiasts. However, in 2018, Street Outlaws No Prep Kings premiered. This spin-off series showcased new drivers and cars in the show's competition drag racing premise, but on official racetracks. Among the show's list of drivers is Ryan Martin, who won the season three Championship of Street Outlaws No Prep Kings in 2019. Since then, Martin has built a new race car based on a 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and is currently competing in the latest 2022 season of No Prep Kings.

Chris Hardy, XPEL U.S. sales manager eastern region, was on hand to personally supervise the installation of ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 10 PPF on Ryan Martin's drag race-prepped Camaro ZL1. The car is purpose-built to sprint across the track at speeds over 200mph thanks to a procharged ProLine Racing Stage 4 481X engine bolted to an M&M TH400 transmission with a lock-up Pro Torque converter. The drivetrain is capable of handling up to 5,000-horsepower. Moreover, the car is painted shark gray with contrasting black and red accents making the Camaro look as sinister as Jaws itself.

Ryan Martin's gray Camaro ZL1 drag car is fully wrapped in ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 10 to protect its camera-ready paintwork from debris throughout the racing season. At these break-neck speeds, anything from a pebble to a butterfly can cause paint chips, dings, and scratch marks to a race car's paint. In addition, ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 10 is the thickest grade of film XPEL offers. The increased thickness makes it more durable and capable of withstanding higher impacts, making it ideal for off-road and motorsport.

When asked why he chose XPEL PPF, Ryan Martin said, "I wanted something that would protect the car," and ended by saying, "I've beat up on this all season, we're on our second to our last race, and this car still looks as good as it did when I started." ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 10 is one of several PPF products XPEL offers to protect your vehicle's paint in all weather, terrain, or motorsport.


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