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Top 5 Springtime Pollutants to Watch Out for That Can Damage Your Car’s Paint

Spring is a beautiful season with blooming flowers and sunny days. However, it also brings some of the most infuriating weather and environmental pollutants to ruin a car's paintwork. Here are the top 5 spring season pollutants that you need to be aware of:

  1. 1. Pollen - Pollen released into the air can accumulate on your car's paintwork, leaving a yellow haze. In addition, pollen can permeate the paint's pores if left unattended and cause permanent damage, fading, and staining.
  2. 2. Acid Rain - Acid rain results from pollutants in the air that combine with moisture, creating an acidic solution that can etch and damage your car's paintwork.
  3. 3. Tree Sap – Sticky sap produced by trees during Spring can drop onto your car's paintwork when parked under it and is notoriously difficult to remove.
  4. 4. Bird Droppings and Bugs - Birds enjoying the Spring can bombard a vehicle with their highly acidic droppings. In addition to seasonal bugs that smash into a vehicle’s frontend and windshield while driving. If left untreated, these contaminants will etch into the paint's pores, cause permanent staining, and damage the clearcoat. Once the clear coat is damaged, these areas are more vulnerable to corrosion, fading, and flaking.
  5. 5. Left Over Road Salt – In areas with seasonal snowfall, road salt is often used to melt the ice and snow. As a result, the leftover salt and winter debris can stick to your car's paintwork, accelerating the rusting process or chipping the paint.

Spring is the season of new beginnings, but it can be frustrating when it comes to your car's paint. Fortunately, there is a solution: XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating. XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating offers a protective barrier against bugs and pollen, preventing them from etching into the paint's clear coat. In addition, the ceramic coating creates a transparent layer that acts as a shield, deflecting harmful contaminants using hydrophobic properties. As a result, XPEL ceramic coating makes maintaining the car's cleanliness easier. With hydrophobic properties, the water beads up and rolls off the car, helping to prevent dirt and other contaminants from sticking to a coated surface.

Protect Your Car’s Paint and Shine All Year with FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

Maintaining a car's paintwork can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially during the spring season when bugs and pollen are at their peak. XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating helps reduce stress as a long-term solution backed by a warranty. So, if you want to protect your car's paint and make maintenance a breeze all year, learn more about XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating. Check out our full line of ceramic coating products and use the Installer Locator tool to find the nearest certified XPEL dealer near you can get a free quote today!