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Tinter Battles™ 2022 Brings Flamethrowers, Teamwork, and XPEL PRIME XR PLUS ™ to the World of Tintertainment


In late March, in the clear sunny skies of Orlando, Florida, the second annual Tinter Battles™ was held. Tinter Battles is a window tinting event & competition that brings together teamwork and flamethrowers. This unique two-day event puts a spotlight on the world of automotive window tint installation. This national window tinting competition puts teams of professional tinters to the test in speed, quality, and technique for the honor of wearing a Tinter Battles championship belt.

In addition, this event supports tinters new and old by raising money for a charitable cause. The live filmed event was hosted by champion tinter Carlos "the Texas Squeegee" Olazaba, from Tint Masters in Houston, TX. For this year's Tint Battles, XPEL New England Territory Manager Dean Mitchell was asked to judge the window tinting competition as one of three official judges.

Tinter Battles™

The inaugural Tinter Battles™ was held in Houston, TX, in 2021. This two-day competition event, organized by the Tintertainment™ Network, is split between workshop and competition. The first day hosts a gathering of tinters, car enthusiasts, and tint film sponsors to "talk-shop" on the ULTIMATE in film technology, techniques, and products.

The window tinting competition at Tinter Battles™ is straightforward. Teams have one hour to tint a four-door vehicle's rear and side windows. Rules allow teams to use any method, tools, and window film they prefer. However, each team must finish tinting the vehicle and have their space cleaned up within the hour. The competition is filmed live with an audience for motivation. The judging process is based on a team's finished results, cleanliness, and method.

XPEL Window Tint at Tinter Battles 2022

XPEL proudly sponsored Tinter Battles 2022 by providing teams with UV protective PRIME XR PLUS ™ window film for the competition. Next year's Tinter Battles™ will return to Orlando, Florida. According to Carlos Olazaba, 2023 will see a larger venue for the event. As a result, Tinter Battles 2023 shows promise of growth.


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