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Tesla Motors Releases a $250 Bottle of Tequila

Tesla is known for its attention-grabbing gimmicks. The car brand allows owners to play video games while waiting for their luxury electric vehicle to charge. Or the vehicle's "auto-pilot" software that, while not capable of actually allowing the car to drive autonomously (yet), does promote a sense of the "future is now" wow factor that owners and fans love.

Tesla's latest release isn't a sports car or pickup truck, but a bottle of tequila. The 750 ml bottle is shaped like a bolt of lightning, 40% alcohol, and retails for $250. The product was only offered in select U.S. states, including Texas, and upon its virtual release, it sold out in a matter of hours.

This product started as an April Fools tweet in 2018 when Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk teased a plan to release "Teslquila." However, the drink quickly ran into legal trouble when Mexico's Tequila Regulatory Council informed Tesla that the word "Tequila" is a protected trademark. Tesla could not legally name their product Teslquila and settled on calling it Tesla Tequila instead.

The liquor itself was not made by Tesla, but by Nosotros Tequila based in California. The drink is 100% agave tequila aged in French oak barrels. According to Tesla, it describes the drink as "a dry fruit and light vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish." It doesn't read like something one would throwback at a bar with lime in hand and yelling, "woohoo!" immediately afterward. This tequila is crafted to be savored out of a tulip-shaped glass.

This was a one-time sale of the product. Call it a marketing ploy to keep Tesla's name in the digital headlines, and it worked! According to Business Insider, those who ordered a Tesla Tequila bottle won't be seeing a delivery slip until December. Still, some have already started to try and flip the product for a profit on eBay. Some of these sellers are offering just the bottle and stand-alone minus the actual tequila. According to Business Insider, one listing on eBay had reached $660, but at the time of this publication, the listing is no longer available – buyers beware.

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