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Terror from Above, How Bird Droppings Can Leave a Permanent Mark on Your Car

What is Paint Etching?

Paint etching refers to the physical and chemical damage on the surface of a vehicle's paint. Etching is typically caused by an interaction of acidic substances with the clear coat and paint layers. It results in the formation of small pits, scratches, or depressions on the paint's surface resulting in a dull and uneven appearance. Paint etching is particularly concerning because it can compromise the integrity of the paintwork and diminish the vehicle's overall aesthetic.

Bird Droppings, the Terror from Above

Bird droppings are a common environmental contaminant that can cause paint etching on your car's paintwork. Bird droppings are highly acidic and can break down the clearcoat's protective layers over time if left untreated or washed off. In addition to totally ruining the look of your ride.

How Bird Droppings Can Leaves Permanent Damage on Your Car’s Paint

This reaction can lead to removing the paint's protective layer and exposing the underlying layers to further damage. Sunlight can exacerbate the effects of bird droppings. As a dropping dries, the heat from the sun accelerates the chemical reaction and can potentially penetrate the clear coat. A damaged clear coat is making that area vulnerable to oxidation and color fade. Plus, dried bird droppings are notoriously difficult to scrub off and applying too much elbow grease can lead to scratches, adding to the damage of the vehicle's paint finish.

Preventing Paint Etching with PPF and Ceramic Coating

Paint protection film (PPF) and ceramic coating can protect your vehicle against paint-ruining acidic substances. These products create a long lasting barrier to shield a surface against the constant contamination of everyday use.

Some PPF products come in a satin-finish that can give your vehicle a stealthier look with protection. Additionally, ceramic coating can be used to protect more than paint. Different variants provide hydrophobic protection for glass, plastic trim, wheels, brake calipers, and certain interior components. Moreover, premium PPF variants have self-healing properties to remove light scratch marks when exposed to direct sunlight. While ceramic coatings offer a chemical resistance and hydrophobic properties to help prevent bird dropping, and other pollutants like iron and tar, from sticking to a surface.

Protect Your Ride with XPEL Peace of Mind

XPEL offers an extensive line of PPF from gloss to satin-finish and film infused with ceramic coating hydrophobic properties. In addition to offering PPF and ceramic coating products to protect watercrafts and aircrafts . Plus, a full range of DIY products to help you maintain PPF and general purpose car care. Use the Installer Locator Tool Tool to find an XPEL dealer near you and get a free quote on any of our paint protection services today!