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2020 Shelby GT350 Protects Its Racing Stripes with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS ™ PPF and FUSION PLUS ™ Ceramic Coating

The 2020 Shelby GT350 Mustang is an instant classic. It is the last production year of the GT350 nameplate, making it a collector's item among car enthusiasts. Moreover, it's a track-focused muscle car powered by a 526-hp 5.2-liter V8 codenamed Voodoo. The owner of this Oxford White Shelby GT350 wanted to preserve the paint for the future. XPEL Paint Protection and ceramic coating works to maintain a car's paint finish looking as good as the day it rolled out of the factory.

Certified trained XPEL installers applied ULTIMATE PLUS ™ PPF to the entire vehicle's exterior. As a result, the Shelby GT350 is better protected against potential paint damage on the road or at the track. XPEL Paint Protection Film is self-healing, meaning light scratch marks vanish under direct sunlight. ULTIMATE PLUS PPF helps prevent damage caused by scratch marks, rock chips, and staining from environmental pollutants. In addition, FUSION PLUS ™ Ceramic Coating was applied to the Shelby Mustang's paint, glass, wheels, and brake calipers. XPEL ceramic coating helps to enhance the depth of a paint's color. Moreover, its hydrophobic properties make coated surfaces easier to clean. As a result, the paint on this Shelby GT350 Mustang looks as great as it sounds, drives, and performs.


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