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Ryan Martin’s Fireball Camaro Gets Ready to Go with XPEL Car Care

Ask anyone involved in motorsport, and they’ll tell you it’s never just one race, car, or racing season. It’s a lifestyle that attaches itself to humanity’s inherited desire to go faster. A statementStreet Outlaws Ryan Martin is all too familiar with as a career drag/street racer. Martin caught the racing bug in a 1989 Ford Mustang he saved up to buy in high school. Martin lives the dream of being a shop owner and full-time racer.

Few carry a legend like his Fireball Camaro within his growing fleet of race-ready vehicles. In the hands of Ryan Martin and his team, this cherry red fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro is a continuously evolving, record-breaking, quarter-mile blazing land missile. A speed machine of this magnitude is constantly in the spotlight. As a result, Martin and his team strive to ensure the Fireball Camaro looks as good as it Performs. This challenge is easier done than said, thanks to XPEL care products.

XPEL Care Makes Spotless Shine a Breeze

XPEL Care cleaning products leave vehicles with a spot-free shine from roof to wheels and everything in between. XPEL car care products are formulated to work with PPF, ceramic coating, glass, interior upholstery, paint, plastic, wheels, and brake calipers. Whether you need to remove iron buildup from your car’s alloy wheels or easily scrub stubborn bug stains, XPEL has everything you need.

Cleaning the Fireball Camaro with XPEL Care

The phrase time is money takes on a literal meaning in the world of street racing. One second can mean the difference between making bank or going broke. When it comes to the Fireball Camaro, Martin and his team don’t always have time to clean the race car thoroughly. Ensuring the car is tuned properly takes priority over its clear coat shine. But a celebrity race car must look good in front of the camera. In moments like this, XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash comes to the rescue.

With XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash there’s no need to mess with soapy subs and water soaked floors. Specialty formulated to encapsulate dirt with a lubricating polymer to prevent scratches on the paintwork. This product requires one bucket, a sponge or wash mitt and microfiber towels.

Mix 1 oz of XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash in a gallon of water. It is recommended to wash the vehicle by section. Using a sponge, scrub away the dirt and grime with the solution. Then, use a microfiber towel to dry and buff the solution out. What you’re left behind is a glossy, clean finish.

XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash solution can clean paint treated with FUSION PLUS ceramic coating. You can also use it to clean a car’s wheels, glass, and trim.

Detailing Drag Cars with XPEL Car Care

Going fast can be a dirty business. Warming up the tires can leave flakes and chunks of sticky rubber on the rear quarter panels. Working on the car can scratch the paint. A full send down the strip can leave the bumper littered with bugs and rock chips. So, a clean vehicle may not be enough. It needs to be protected.

Ryan Martin’s Fireball Camaro wears XPELULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film (PPF). This transparent film protects the car’s paint and bodywork from scratches and damage from light impacts. Moreover, it preserves something more valuable than the engine - the sponsorship liveries. Of course, even with PPF, a car’s surface protection can be amplified with FUSION PLUS ceramic coating. The coating’s hydrophobic properties keep the grime away with a sleek finish.

XPEL Care products like Ceramic Boost, Detail Spray, and Water Spot Remover help maintain a car’s spotless finish with a quick application. Other specialty car care products like XPELIron Oxide Remover ensure the wheels look their best after a day at the track by removing brake dust buildup. XPEL Interior Cleaner is ideal for wiping away dust, smudges, and adrenaline-induced sweat from a car’s cockpit. Lastly, the Anti-Static Window Tint Cleaner spray ensures clarity is always crystal clear.

Effortless Shine with XPEL Peace of Mind

Modifying a car to be lighter, quicker, faster, stronger, or all of the above is a matter of risk – and cost. Racing is a sport that quickly sprouts into a lifestyle, something Ryan Martin knows all too well. Living life a quarter mile of time can be a little easier with XPEL Care. The peace of mind of a clean can free up time and effort on the things that matter most – speed and power.

For PPF, ceramic coating, and window film needs, use the Installer Locator Tool to find an XPEL dealer near you.