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Protecting The Benchmark: Riley Stair's Trans Am gets ULTIMATE PLUS PPF at XPEL Las Vegas

Without a doubt - the 1970 Pontiac Trans Am built by Riley Stair of PROTOMACHINE is a mechanical marvel. Pushing 1,000 horsepower out of an all-motor V8 with a redline at 10,000 RPM, it's a build that combines serious power with careful craftsmanship in a way that's undeniably epic.

First debuting at SEMA 2018, the Ermine White widebody beauty was an instant crowd pleaser. After all, what's not to love? Riley's dedication to making his creation complete in form & functionality is what makes the Trans Am a true Benchmark. With the yearn for track time & need to preserve the Trans Am's condition, Riley decided it was time to get protected.

With sights set on XPEL Las Vegas, the PROTOMACHINE team hauled the Trans Am over to Sin City for a week stay with legendary PPF installer Chris West.

Utilizing ULTIMATE PLUS, Chris set to work wrapping up every inch of the Trans Am for maximum coverage wherever possible.

From the nose, to the hood, fenders, flares, and beyond, the Trans Am received as much protection as XPEL Las Vegas could apply.

Often, patterns & pieces for various vehicle components might be pre-cut straight from DAP. For the Trans Am, the design process necessitated something a bit more custom.

The results are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Even up close, it's hard to tell where the film starts & stops. Fear of rock chips, tire boogers, road debris damage and other blemishes on an otherwise pristine paint job are now a thing of the past. The protection ULTIMATE PLUS PPF provides will keep the Trans Am looking its best on & off the track.

Want to see more of Riley Stair's Trans Am getting protected with ULTIMATE PLUS PPF? Head over to the StanceWorks blog for the full article.

Looking for PPF in the Las Vegas area? Stop by XPEL Las Vegas or visit the Installer Locator to find a dealer near you. Thanks for reading!

[Photography provided by Riley Stair | Mike Burroughs | Stanceworks]