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Porsche Panamera 4S gets ULTIMATE Protection

As some of our readers may recall, back in August we took a trip to Spokane, Washington for PCA’s Porsche Parade. During our brief stay in the Pacific North West, we payed a visit to JK2 Detailing to see if we could fit in an install video. Lucky for us, as the provider of XPEL products for Porsche of Spokane, the guys at JK2 have protected quite a few of Stuttgart’s finest. The subject we set our sights on was none other than a gorgeous Sapphire Blue Metallic Porsche Panamera 4s.

With such a stunning exterior finish, XPEL ULTIMATE is a must. Check out the montage above for some highlights of our time with the Panamera & a few other beauties from Porsche of Spokane.

ULTIMATE Protection for Porsche’s Super Saloon

Once the car arrived from the dealership, the guys set to work prepping the Porsche Panamera 4S for ULTIMATE installation.

JK2 equipped the Panamera with full frontal paint protection coverage including the entire hood, fenders, and bumper, as well as lower rockers & mirrors. This level of install offers optimal protection for the Porsche’s front facing high impact areas.

With the clear bra application all buttoned up, the 4S received a final quality check before hitting the road back to the dealership. Of course, as you may have seen in the video, we made a slight detour for a quick photoshoot.

Panamera & Friends on Patrol

If you’re not familiar with the Porsche Panamera 4S, here’s a brief rundown. Even for a big body P-car, it’s still quick on its feet. Pushing up 440hp, the jump from 0-60 can be had in a measly 4.2 seconds. It’ll top out just shy of 180mph, and grips aplenty thanks to its AWD drivetrain.

Styling is subtle and distinctly Porsche in appearance. The front fascia is indicative of current 911 aesthetics. The Panamera 4S also sports similar forked side mirrors, and an active rear spoiler for added downforce at speed.

As luck would have it, the team at JK2 Detailing had a couple other specimens from Porsche of Spokane on hand. We had to take the opportunity to snap some family photos.

Spending a little time with this ULTIMATE protected trio was the perfect ending to our Eastern Washington adventure. Of course, it couldn’t have been possible without our friends from JK2. If you’re local & in need of protection for your Porsche, don’t hesitate to look them up!

XDC18 On the Horizon

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