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2024 Piech GT is a 603-HP EV that Looks like an Aston Martin and Promises Over 300 Miles of Range

Recent news from electric vehicle start-up Piech Automotive is an update on its concept sports car. The vehicle was first known as the Mark Zero EV concept when it was unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Now, Piech Automotive has announced that the concept vehicle has entered the prototype phase with a working production model scheduled for 2024.

Sphere heading the process is Anton Piech, the great-grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. The Mark Zero is now called the 2024 Piech GT and is the size of a Porsche 911. Styling makes the car look like an Italian Aston Martin Vantage with a classic long hood and short tail design and weighs just under 4,000 pounds.

The two-seater sports car is powered by three 150-kW electric motors, each producing 201-hp for a combined output of 603-hp. Piech Automotive claims the GT can travel up to 311 miles on a single charge and sprint from zero to 60 in under three seconds. It also claims it can charge 80 percent battery life in eight minutes which would undoubtedly make it a proper grand tourer.

The 2024 Piech GT arranges its power pack across the center and rear axle of the car in a T-shape formation. This layout is meant to improve weight distribution and allow for a lower seating position. The GT’s 75-kWh battery pack is sourced from the Chinese company Desten. From now until 2024, Piech Automotive will be putting its prototypes through extensive real-world environmental testing to ensure the utmost quality. Pricing has not been announced by safe to assume it will be competitive with most high-performance German sports cars – a lot. The Piech Automotive GT plans on going on sale in U.S., Europe, and China in early 2024.

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