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New XPEL CARE Products Give Your Car a Clean Start and a Fresh Finish

XPEL CARE, the Next Generation in Automotive Detailing

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or just someone who values the longevity and appearance of your car, boat, or motorcycle, our range of premium care products are here to meet your needs. XPEL CARE products will help keep surfaces looking pristine and protected through superior quality. This next generation of CARE products takes automotive detailing to the next level amplified by a new look with redesigned spray bottles in new colors.

Here’s a look at our latest standout care products:


Preparation is the key to success. A clean surface is vital before applying XPEL coatings or XPEL PPF. This Panel Prep spray is formulated to break up oils, waxes, grime, and other contaminants. This specialty solution creates a 'clean slate' before the bonding process of a XPEL film or XPEL ceramic coating.

Benefit Highlights:

  1. 1. Enhanced Surface Cleaning: Breaks up and removes dirt, oils, and other contaminants from a surface.
  2. 2. Clean Canvas Effect: Helps create the ideal surface texture to maximize ceramic coating & film adhesion
  3. 3. Cost-Effective Solution: Ensures the preparation process goes right the first time, every time.


Spot-free car washes just got easier with this dynamic duo of products. The XPEL BIG FOAM cannon and Foam Soap provide a powerful but gentle cleaning action to remove dirt and grime. The Foam Soap creates a thick, rich lather to encapsulate dirt and rinse away without scratching the surface or causing swirl marks. Moreover, Foam Soap is formulated to maintain a painted surface's shine without compromising its integrity.

Benefit Highlights:

  1. 1. Enhanced Cleaning Power: Thick, clinging foamy soap washes away dirt without scratching the paint.
  2. 2. Versatility: Foam Soap is suitable for use with XPEL Foam Cannon and pressure washer.
  3. 3. Adjustable Settings: Foam Cannon allows users to adjust foam output.


Take precise control of your auto detailing with the new XPEL Compact Sprayer. This space-saving tool replaces the standard pressure washer wand. The Compact Sprayer is small but mighty, with a durable construction and ergonomic handle to provide comfort and control. Use this attachment to wash and avoid excessive force on sensitive surfaces precisely. This Compact Sprayer can also maximize cleaning power through efficient water usage.

Benefit Highlights:

  1. 1. Ergonomic Precision: The portable design ensures comfortable and hassle-free use.
  2. 2. Water Conservation: Uses less water while maximizing cleaning effectiveness.
  3. 3. Versatility: Compatible with various XPEL CARE cleaning products


This premium washing solution takes soap to the next level. XPEL Wash Solution lifts dirt and grime while reducing the risk of micro-scratches and swirl marks caused by traditional hand scrubbing. Use Wash Solution to maintain your vehicle's professionally applied PPF and ceramic coating without worry.

Benefit Highlights

  1. 1. Safe and Effective: The pH-balanced formula ensures a gentle yet powerful cleaning.
  2. 2. Protects Your Investment: Designed to maintain professionally applied PPF and ceramic coating sealants
  3. 3. Spot-Free Finish: Rinse off easily to reveal a streak-free, spotless shine.


XPEL Waterless Wash spray is made for a spot-free finish on the go. This uniquely formulated product wipes away light dirt and water spots from your vehicle without water. Its user-friendly application method allows you to spray and wipe without a bucket of suds or pressure washer. Perfect for buffing away water spots, dirt blown by the wind, or bird droppings before they dry. It’s the day-to-day spot free cleaning solution.

Benefit Highlights:

  1. 1. Efficient Convenience: No water is required, saving time and resources with outstanding results
  2. 2. Hydrophobic Infused: Added protection to keep your car cleaner for longer.
  3. 3. Easy to Use: Spray, wipe and enjoy the shine.

See the Full Line of XPEL CARE Products Available Now!

Explore our range of XPEL CARE products and elevate your vehicle's protection and appearance to a new level. Experience the difference today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car is well-cared for with the finest products in the industry. Use our Installer Locator Tool to find an XPEL Dealer near you and get a free quote on Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, and Window Tint.