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Pacific Blue 2017 McLaren 570S with XPEL Self-Healing Film

Wrapping Up a Pacific Blue 2017 McLaren 570S with XPEL Self-Healing Film

With over 560hp on tap, seven sequential gears & a twin-turbo V8 handling the heavy lifting, McLaren’s 570S is quite a performer. It’s a new breed of high-performance vehicle that’s reshaping the way we think about life on four wheels. Between an impressive power-to-weight ratio & lightweight construction, the 570S delivers on all levels. McLaren Automotive themselves describe the 570S as the “ultimate sports car experience.” No doubt, it’s hard to disagree. When you’ve got the Ultimate sports car, only ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film will suffice. Cue the music!

As you can see, before venturing out to Royal Purple Raceway for TX2K last month, we made plans for a slight detour to XPEL Houston . Incidentally, a beautiful Pacific blue 570S from McLaren Houston was ready & waiting for us when we arrived. In no time, the 570S got prepped and wrapped up with Full Front XPEL ULTIMATE paint protection film. If you’re unfamiliar – Full Front refers to all the high-impact areas. In this case, coverage included the McLaren’s entire front bumper, front fenders, headlights & mirror caps.

Installation Process & Procedure

To kickstart the installation process, the 570S got washed up. Once clean, we put McLaren’s paint through a thorough clay bar decontamination stage. With a silky-smooth clear coat prepped for protection, the 570S was ready for XPEL ULTIMATE. Thanks to our precision designed kits, fitting the film to the McLaren was a relative breeze. Each piece of the 570s’ Full Front package contours with the natural body shape of the vehicle for a snug fit.

Even with a curvaceous shape like the front fenders on a McLaren 570S, XPEL ULTIMATE lays down smooth. After the initial stroke, installing clear bra becomes a matter of working out the gel. With proper technique, the floating film adheres right to the paint. On average, a skilled installer is capable of producing a Full Front XPEL ULTIMATE protection package in a matter of a few hours or so.

At XPEL Houston, that standard rings true. Our installer made short work of the McLaren 570S, powering through the installation with ease. The fit and finish of the end product is proof in itself. XPEL ULTIMATE is nearly invisible over the Pacific blue paint. Whether this McLaren is up carving corners or corralled at Cars & Coffee, it’s now protected from whatever the road throws its way!

ULTIMATE Protection for an Ultimate Sports Car

Back outside, the McLaren’s new XPEL ULTIMATE clear bra glistened in the Houston sun. The Pacific’s metallic flake remains unchanged under its new protective film.

It’s quite a dynamic color, and knowing it’s going to remain that way for years to come is even better. In addition, paring it with McLaren’s signature papaya accents makes for a stunning spec on the 570S.

By the numbers, the McLaren 570S can rocket from 0-120+ mph in a mere 9.5 seconds. That’s faster than most daily drivers can make it to sixty. It’s a power-to-weight equation that favors McLaren’s technological advancements. The 570S owes much of its featherlight nature to the MonoCell II chassis design.

Tipping the scales at around 165 pounds, the carbon tub in the McLaren is a key component to its success. Juiced up, the 570S weighs in at a slim 3,100 pounds, notably lighter than most everything that falls under the “premium sports car” heading. As a result, the McLaren remains nimble, grounded, and predictable in the best kind of way. On or off the track, the 570S is capable of a spectacular performance.

All things considered, when piloting a vehicle as spectacular as a new McLaren 570S, it’s all about the experience. Thanks to the protection provided by XPEL ULTIMATE clear bra, you can put your mind at ease & focus on driving.

Houston XPEL Install Center

Interested in preventative protection for your personal vehicle? If you live in Houston or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on coverage, installation cost, and aftercare tips. The XPEL Houston installation center can be reached via the links below.

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Protecting your paint has many benefits. For example, clear bra will help maintain your vehicle’s factory finish, make your car easier to clean, and can even help bolster the car’s resale value!

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