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Maximizing Heat Reduction & Visibility with VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS Window Film

With seasons changing for many, there's never been a better time to think about energy efficiency & hotspots in the home or office. Windows left bare are often prone to heat up from sunlight - direct infrared heat leads to warming interiors and incurring further or higher energy cost for the residence. Beyond that, having a room with an uncontrollable temperature is just uncomfortable to live & play in.

That's where VISION Window Film comes in! CLEAR VIEW PLUS is designed to offer you unrivaled heat rejection, UV ray protection, and glare reduction for any room in your home or office. Watch the latest installation spotlight to see how VISION makes a difference in this game room!


If heat reduction is what you're after, CLEAR VIEW PLUS is the film to go for. CLEAR VIEW PLUS is the top performer in the VISION Home & Office Window Film line up for total infrared energy rejection. In addition it's offered in a wide array of shades to suit the level of privacy you need.


Even with larger windows or entry-ways, the installation can go quick. VISION Home & Office Window Films can be ordered pre-cut prior to install, ensuring the best possible fit without any film waste. With a quick trim & talented XPEL certified installer, the results speak for themselves!

For those unfamiliar with how home & office window film is installed - the process is very similar to tint for your car or truck. While the installation is "wet," precautions are taken to ensure moisture doesn't damage any surfaces.

From there, all the moisture is squeegeed out and the film adheres to the glass.

Window by window, the game room became a cooler place to play a round of pool with the help of VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS 40 Window Film.

As things cool off, home & office energy efficiency is a hot topic - and VISION Window Film has a lot to offer. Whether you want to improve the feel of a frequented space, bring some privacy to an interior office, or add a layer of safety & security to exterior windows, there's a film to fit every need in the VISION line-up.

Ready for a personalized quote? Head over to the VISION Installer Locator & reach out to one of many XPEL Certified representatives in your area today. Thanks for reading!