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Less Work, More Enjoyment on the Water with FUSION PLUS MARINE Ceramic Coating

Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than spending a day out on the lake with your boat. Any opportunity to get away from the grind of daily life, spending time fishing, water skiing, or sunbathing on the bow is a good one. Of course, the one big downside to boat ownership: the labor-intensive ordeal involved in maintenance.

That’s where ceramic coating comes in! XPEL strives to lessen the burden with FUSION PLUS MARINE Ceramic Coating. Its unique formula can help protect watercraft hulls, surfaces, and everything above the waterline from the harsh corrosive environment. FUSION PLUS MARINE Ceramic Coating aims to brighten the shine while reducing the time you spend cleaning up & swabbing the deck.

Recently, the professionals at Premier Detailing visited Costal Marine in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to treat some of their floating fleet with FUSION PLUS MARINE Ceramic Coating. The process involves coating every square inch of a boat except for areas where passengers stand or walk on. Its hydrophobic properties create a slick surface, making it difficult for bothersome undersea pests like barnacles and tubeworms to stick to the bottom of a boat. In addition, the boat's interior is treated with FUSION PLUS UPHOLSTERY Ceramic Coating to help keep it protected when exposed to the elements outdoors.

Looking to protect your watercraft from the elements on and off the water? XPEL FUSION PLUS MARINE Ceramic Coating can help. Use the Installer Locator to find an XPEL installer near you and get a free quote today!