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Italian State Police Uses Huracan Pursuit Interceptor to Transport a Kidney 300 Miles to Hospital

One of the most common arguments against supercars is that they are impractical for anything other than looking cool in music videos or setting hot laps around a circuit track. However, the Italian State Police has recently provided a swift rebuttal to that way of thinking. In 2017, ISP obtained a Lamborghini Huracan to be used as a regular patrol vehicle with police issued livery, lights, on-board computer, and equipment necessary to perform traffic stops. In the land famous for its sports cars like Ferrari, Pagini, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo, using a Lamborghini as a pursuit interceptor is a case of fighting fire with horsepower.

One advantageous modification is the Huracan's frunk converted into a refrigerated storage compartment for high-speed medical supply delivery.

Video Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5SFoJ8Tdjg

Earlier in November, Polizia di Stato posted a video on its Twitter account showing a police issue Lamborghini Huracan zooming through the Italian roadways transporting a life-saving kidney across 300 miles of Italy. Thanks to a 5.2-liter V10 producing 602 horsepower, and flashing lights, the Huracan was able to average 145 miles per hour as it traveled from Rome to the northern city of Padua to deliver the organ at Gemelli University Hospital.

This journey would have taken four to five hours traveling at the posted speed limit, but the Lamborghini did it in a little over two hours. Traveling at that level of speed must have been hard on the Huracan’s police livery. XPEL paint protection film could have come in handy at shielding its Polizia decals from road tar, rock chips, and anything else lingering in the air as it rocketed past in a flash of police lights.

A helicopter would have been faster, but there is no exact reason why one wasn't used for this organ transport. Nevertheless, the Italian State Police Huracan arrived safely, and in style, at the hospital with its precious cargo chilled on ice. Fusion Plus ceramic coating from XPEL would have made washing away the dead bugs off the supercar’s police uniform a breeze after its cannonball run across Italy.

The next time some say supercars are impractical, just show them a photo of this deputized raging bull. This also serves as a reminder that Italy's long arm of the law is packing some serious muscle when it comes to catching speeders. One can only imagine the heart-sinking sight of flashing police lights in the rearview mirror only to be overtaken in the fast lane by a blue Lamborghini traveling at Autobahn speeds. A six-figure V10 powered Lamborghini used a vital piece of police equipment can only benefit from our industry-leading XPEL paint protection film, and so can your vehicle.

Photo Credit: Lamborghini

Source: https://www.thedrive.com/news/37625/italian-police-use-lamborghini-huracan-to-transport-kidney-300-miles-in-just-two-hours