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Keeping Puppies and Pet Supplies Safer Thanks To VISION Security Film

With any aging office building, improving security of windows or entryways can often be an afterthought. But, no matter what the business may be, keeping employees, products, and personal items safe is vital for staying afloat in any economy. For this pet store in San Antonio, that meant an update to all of the glass surrounding the building with VISION Security Film. Take a look at the latest installation spotlight video below for the full scoop on what VISION Security Film has to offer!


From the get go, it was clear the pet store's window film had aged. Fortunately, Eric was readily prepared with a proper replacement: 7 mil thick VISION Security Film. With the film installation underway, the pet store was taking a major step forward to improve visibility & overall clarity of the windows, while adding a much-needed layer of protection.

The major benefit of having VISION Security Film installed on the large glass entry doors is preventing & deterring unauthorized entry. Not only does VISION Security Film help secure glass breakage and prevent shards from flying, but it's incredibly difficult to penetrate. This will deter most break-ins or attempts at a "smash & grab" that could otherwise lead to costly repairs.

In addition to the protection VISION Security Film provides, it looks great too. Once installed, the film is nearly invisible & won't detract from storefronts or curb appeal!

Thanks to VISION Security Film expert & XPEL Certified Installer Eric, every entry point into the pet store is protected.

Rounding out the rest of the install, Eric equipped all remaining pieces of floor-to-ceiling glass with fresh VISION Security Film. Now, these business owners can rest easier knowing the puppies are safe, the dog treats are secure, and the storefront is fully protected!

Interested in having VISION Safety, Security, or Anti-Graffiti Film installed to protect your business, office, or personal space? Head over to the VISION Installer Locator or contact us for assistance on your next project. Thanks for reading!