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Joey Logano's 2018 Ford GT Heritage Stays Cool with PRIME XR PLUS Window Tint

NASCAR Cup Series champion Joey Logano has been racing for most of his life. Like most racers, his job racing cars have spilled over into an impressive private collection of vehicles, each with its own Blue Book sentimental value. Cars like this 2018 Ford GT, a supercar that needs Ford's approval before signing on the dotted line. Not just anyone can buy a brand new Ford GT from the factory, but Logano's professional background doubles as an impressive letter of recommendation.

Logano ordered this matte black Ford GT with a heritage paint scheme that features his racing number No.22. It is truly one of its kind. According to Logano, this car was also the 22nd Ford GT to drive off the assembly line, further adding to its sentimental value. XPEL STEALTH satin paint protection film had been previously installed to protect its custom matte black sheen, but now it’s time to add one final styling detail that could improve the joy of driving a twin-turbo 647 horsepower vehicle on a sunny day.

"I knew I wanted to eventually darken the stock windows. XPEL recently tinted my windows to the legal North Carolina limit, and not only did it enhance the look of the car, but the inside stays cooler from less heat radiating through" – Joey Logano.

Logano's 2018 Ford GT now sports PRIME XR PLUS tint on all its windows, minus the windshield.

With darker windows, the matte black number 22 Ford GT now looks like a highway B-2 stealth bomber ready to fly over the radar on its way to a top speed of 216 mph. PRIME XR PLUS offers the performance of having darker windows without the drawbacks of physically having darker windows.

PRIME XR PLUS uses multilayer nano-particle technology to offer 98 percent infrared heat rejection to keep insider occupants cool without reducing outbound visibility. PRIME XR PLUS also protects against 99 percent harmful UV rays and will not interfere with radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signals.

At XPEL, we understand that a personal vehicle is more than just a means of transportation. For some, a car is a vessel for sentiment, a mobile photo album of memories. Vehicles can be a pride and joy, and with most things we cherish, there comes a yearning to protect them. XPEL offers a range of products engineered to protect your daily driver, collector car, or weekend track toy. We offer various UVA protective window tints, ceramic coating, and DIY paint protective wraps for the track. XPEL has the products to keep your vehicle looking car show ready any day of the week.