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Ferrari 488 Tailor Made Saved By XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF

It’s always good to hear real stories from our customer – especially when they share proof of performance cases about our flagship paint protection film – ULTIMATE PLUS™. Our customer service team recently received these comments from a very happy customer, who had a potentially bad situation with his Ferrari. Thanks to two of our stand-out XPEL installers, crisis was avoided, and we want to acknowledge that dedication to good work and positive customer experience.

An Experience The Owner Will Never Forget

“Can’t say enough about XPEL and the excellent job Block-A-Chip did with applying the original XPEL protection and Distinct Automotive Appearance for the personalized service and quality workmanship with reapplying XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS.” – David Tilstone

Working With Block-A-Chip

“I have been having my cars protected by your product since 2011 whether it was partially protecting our daily drivers or complete coverage on some of our special cars. Albert Helcberger, the owner of Block-A-Chip has done numerous cars for us and most recently had the opportunity to work with Alan Rich, the owner of Distinct Automotive Appearance. Both do exceptional work and their attention to detail as well as workmanship is some of the very best, I’ve ever seen. In the past, XPEL has protected the paint on the hoods and fenders of our cars from stone chips etc. When we took delivery of our 2018 Tailor Made Ferrari 488 Spider, we had it completely covered with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS by Block-A-Chip.”


“In early August, I went to wash the car and noticed a slight mark on the crease of the passenger side door of the 488 and it turned out that someone had hit our car with their door. I immediately had the worst thoughts of chipped paint, a scratch and possibly a dent in the door. I couldn’t imagine going through the process of repainting the door, the impact it would have on the value of the car never mind the expense. I called Distinct Automotive Appearance which is very close by our home and Alan came over to assess the damage. Neither one of us were very optimistic about what would be revealed when the XPEL was removed. Alan and his team removed the plastic last week and he immediately let me know that there wasn’t a mark or scratch on the door! As Alan said, “you have utilized about 99% of the XPEL protection and we didn’t even have to use a buffer to remove any imperfections”. New XPEL was applied to the door with a topcoat of FUSION PLUS applied. The car looks like new again with no damage thanks to XPEL. The expense of having a car completely protected by XPEL isn’t trivial but in this case, it saved me hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars! “


First things first, the damaged paint protection film needed to be inspected to ensure the safest possible removal for the Ferrari.

With the inspection complete, Distince Automotive Appearance set to work removing the damaged PPF.

Fortunately for the Ferrari, ULTIMATE PLUS PPF took all the force of the door ding, and no paint was chipped underneath the paint protection film.

With the surface prepped & ready, new ULTIMATE PLUS PPF gets installed on the Ferrari to keep it protected from any future mishaps.

Once the PPF install was done, Distinct Automotive Appearance added a layer of FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating for even more hyrdophobic protection on the open road. For more information about the services this Tailor Made Ferrari recieved, be sure to check out Block-A-Chip and Distinct Automotive Appearance. Thanks for reading!