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Ferrari 458 Speciale Paint Protection Film

To Ferrari Or Not To Ferrari, That Is The Question!

Our Response Is Always To Ferrari! This Italian Supercar Is Protected with XPEL ULTIMATE The owner of this beautiful Ferrari 458 Speciale wanted ultimate protection while driving the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari ever created (so far). Yes I said ever, the Ferrari 458 Speciale makes 597bhp coming from a 4.5 Liter (4497cc)V8 engine . To be a little more specific, the Speciale makes 133bhp-per-liter, making it the highest specific output of any naturally aspirated Ferrari road car, Enzo and LaFerrari included.

If you are thinking of buying one or you're currently an owner of a Ferrari 458 Speciale, this little monster will take you from 0-60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds, which is .4 seconds faster than the 458 Italia. So, if you were thinking about upgrading your 458 Italia, this is definitely the car to pick.

The Speciale shifts faster, turns quicker and even stops shorter. The engineers at Ferrari lightened the Speciale by 200 pounds and added a dash of clever technology to the car. The technical advances will amplify your skills, stroke your ego and make for a much more spirited driving experience. Since the owner wanted to drive this car to its maximum potential, they needed the best protection.

They opted for a full front of XPEL ULTIMATE self-healing paint protection film . This includes the full hood, front bumper, headlights, full fenders and mirrors. If you look below you can see the kits we used for this magnificent car. Everything is plotter cut, meaning there is no need for cutting on the car.