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We Brought a Bugatti Chiron to SEMA 2017


When most people think of the Specialty Equipment Market Association, their mind is awash with widebody kits, neon lights, and generally out-of-this-world automotive customization. For SEMA 2017, we went a different route. A rather expensive route. Quite possibly, the most expensive, clocking in just shy of $4 million USD. If you came through the North Hall, you couldn’t miss it – we were the booth with the bright yellow Bugatti Chiron.

Completely covered with ULTIMATE Clear Bra by Protective Film Solutions, the Hell Bee Chiron was an absolute show stopper. It drew crowds all week long, and for many SEMA attendees, it was the first time they’d seen one in person.

Our second feature vehicle to grace the booth was none other than a STEALTH wrapped McLaren 720S. Equipped with PRIME XR 35 and XR 70 window film on the sides & front, the 720S was a stunning showcase of XPEL technology.


The venue for our SEMA 2017 customer appreciation party got a bit of an upgrade as well. Located off the strip at The Palms, The View was spacious & vivacious with plenty of room to get comfortable while taking in the expanse of Las Vegas below.

With drinks flowing & plenty of small bites in circulation, The View shaped up to be a great spot for bringing everyone together. If you missed out on this time around, there’s always XPEL Dealer Conference!


Beyond the Bugatti & McLaren, there were quite a few other XPEL protected vehicles at SEMA 2017. Among them, Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s STEALTH wrapped “Ultimate Funhaver” F-150. We managed to hitch a ride around the skidpad on the last day of SEMA, and was a highlight of the week.


The SEMA Show is always an awesome experience. The cars are crazy as ever and we have a blast getting to see a little bit of everything that the industry has to offer. Be sure to follow along with us on Facebook & Instagram for the latest event coverage during all of the events we attend as they unfolds.