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Bike Protection 101: How InvisiFRAME PPF Protects for Forks, Frames, Cranks & More

A private means of transportation requires investment, whether powered by an engine, electric motor, or leg muscles. Like any personal investment, you want to protect it, prolong its longevity and resale value. In the world of cycling, protecting one’s bicycle against thieves and traffic is an ongoing worry. However, protecting the bike’s frame and fork against scuffs, scratches, and chips is also an essential part of ownership. XPELInvisiFRAME bicycle frame protection film can help bring peace of mind to cyclists of any skill level.

What Is InvisiFRAME?

InvisiFRAME protection film is an ideal solution in helping preserve a bicycle’s frame, fork and cranks from the elements. Just like the PPF for your car or truck, it works as a transparent barrier protecting a bicycle’s frame against surface damage when out on the trails, commuting to work, or being transported.

Coverage for Everything on Two Wheels

It is never “just a bicycle.” It’s a mountain bike designed for barreling downhill through the woods, a road bike built to the lightest specifications, a BMX modified for tricks, or a custom hybrid created for specific needs. No matter the type of bike, InvisiFRAME bike protection film can help keep any two-wheeled cycle looking new, from frame to fork and then some.

InvisiFRAMEcurrently offers an extensive list of pre-cut PPF kits for bicycle brands from AirDrop to Zerode and most brands in between. Moreover, universal kits allow all bikes to be eligible to benefit from bicycle frame protection film. The film’s industry-leading durability makes it suitable to help protect bike frames against scuffs and scratches caused by gravel, dirt, rocks, and asphalt. The best part? You can get your bike fitted with gloss, or matteInvisiFRAME, for an even more personalized look to your bike’s protection package.

Specialty bicycles ranging from ultra-light track bikes to rugged adventure bikes, and the latest e-bikes, can benefit from bicycle frame paint protection. It helps preserve the quality of designer graphics and expertly laid paintwork on your bicycle’s frame and fork when out in the world. PPF also helps with bicycle maintenance, as the glossy, slick surface makes bike frames easier to clean.

Need to Protect Your Bike Against Paint Damage? Learn How InvisiFRAME Can Help

Check outInvisiFRAME and find your bicycle’s custom pre-cut PPF kit. If you cannot find your bike, check out universal bike protection kits that fit all styles and frame sizes. Enjoy the peace of mind InvisiFRAME Bicycle Protection Film can provide and enjoy the ride!