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Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach 2017: Camaros, Corvettes & Clear Bra

For the collector car enthusiast, there’s no better event series than Barrett-Jackson. Touted as “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction,” it’s nothing short of a spectacle. As National Sponsors, we’re always excited when auction season starts. The Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach show may not be the largest of what the auctions have to offer, the experience this year was top-notch.

Bringing Black Rose Metallic to Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

While there’s always plenty of cool cars to see at Barrett-Jackson, we love bringing something unique to display. For instance, this year we welcomed a brand new Chevy Corvette into the booth. By and large, the Corvette is easily our most popular candidate for clear bra coverage. They’re a great car for highlighting the importance of high-impact protection, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re nice to look at too.

The variant that accompanied us to Palm Beach was none other than a 2017 Black Rose Metallic Z06. Color-wise, we couldn’t have asked for a more stellar selection. Discontinued in the early 90s and revived for 2017, the paint seemed to surprise & delight everyone who passed by. Many questions arose about the origins of the Corvette’s finish, and in turn, the benefits of protecting such a unique hue with clear bra.

Surveys, Giveaways & Self-Healing Film Demos

Another highlight of the XPEL experience at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach was our new survey platform. To liven things up, we created a custom questionnaire for attendees to complete while they visited the booth. Everyone who participated received a complimentary microfiber towel. one lucky show-goer even won a car care kit valued at $75!

We also had quite a few people interested in the self-healing power and installation of XPEL ULTIMATE. There’s something about first hand film handling that proves the value of paint protection. Thanks to local installers from Zen Auto Concepts & the Sign Savers, we had fresh clear bra on our demo hood daily, ready to take a beating.

Show Cars & Top Sellers

Beyond the XPEL booth, the massive manufacturer displays loomed. Dodge brought out an eye-catching satin purple Viper, but all eyes were on the simulator. Positioned on motion-sensitive actuators, the Viper SRT sim is no joke. The system relays real-time force feedback for an accurate adaptation of road racing. We didn’t have a chance to try it out for ourselves, but judging by the wait line it was a big hit with spectators!

Be that as it may, the real bread winner of Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach came with a bowtie. We’re not talking fashion accessories either. Chevrolet brought out the very first example of their high-performance Camaro, the 2018 ZL1 1LE. With a revised carbon aero package, adjustable suspension and 650hp, Chevy calls it the “most track-capable Camaro ever.” It’s exactly the type of turn-key monster that’s worthy of ULTIMATE Paint Protection.

We had the pleasure of watching the ZL1 1LE cross the blocks during primetime on Friday. The stage filled up so quick it was next to impossible to even see the car. If you’re following us on Instagram, you may have caught a glimpse of it during a brief live stream. In a matter of minutes, we witnessed the new monster Camaro hammer down at a whopping $250,000. That may seem like a bit of sticker shock, but 100% of the Camaro’s proceeds went to charity benefiting United Way.

Of course, part of the draw of an event like Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach is the sheer variety of cars. Ordinarily, one may think of “collector cars” as something more akin to classics or muscle. On the whole, there’s something for everyone. From resto-mods to time capsules, wild exotics and even a number of off-roaders, Barrett-Jackson has it all. Walking the grounds, we saw a couple GT-Rs, a vintage Land Cruiser, and even Sung Kang’s Ford Maverick from SEMA.

Between the tents of auction cars, Bentley had new models on display including the new Bentayga. If you’re in the market, we’ve already got quite a variety of coverage options available in our database!

If exotics are what you’re after, Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach has you covered too. Back in the farthest corner of the auction vehicle display tents, there’s a small building. Inside this building you’ll find some real heavy hitters. An Aston Martin Vanquish, Rolls-Royce Phantom, and Ferrari F430 were front & center this year.

A few steps away, we found ourselves face to face with some of ROUSH‘s finest. We’re always excited to see what ROUSH brings to the table at Barrett Jackson. In the booth, two new performance Mustangs flanked either side of a monstrous F-150. With a slew of upgraded components & a throaty side-exit exhaust system, the ROUSH F-150 is a perfect support vehicle for track days or road rallies.

Back inside the main pavilion we also spied a brand new DB11 and McLaren 570s on display. We’ve seen a number of the new Astons receiving ULTIMATE paint protection lately, and it’s a thing of beauty. On top of that, our latest install video features a stunning 570S at XPEL Houston. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t had a chance yet!

Just across from our booth, Ford Motor Company had quite the selection of vehicles to check out too. Despite not showing off the new GT, the blue oval exhibit was buzzing with action. An “XPEL Yellow” Shelby GT350 attracted a lot of onlookers, but the real special guest was up on a turntable.

At the far corner of Ford’s display sat a brand new 2018 Mustang GT convertible. We’d seen it in press photos, but this was the first time viewing one in the flesh. It’s sharp – with less visible plastics & angular, revised facia, the new Mustang looks, dare we say it, Fisker-esque. It will be interesting to see how the various iterations of Ford’s latest pony car shape up. One thing’s for sure, we’ll have paint protection patterns for the new Mustang in our database in no time!

Wrapping up Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

All things considered, our time in Palm Beach was well spent. The auction environment is an exciting one to be in whether you're buying, selling, or simply enjoying the event. We’ll be packing up & heading out to Barrett-Jackson North-East soon, so be on the lookout if you’re in the area!