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Adding Privacy to Bathroom Windows with VISION WHITE FROST Decorative Window Film

Large windows are great for admiring a view, but can be a problem when privacy is important. For one customer with new construction, that meant making a much-needed update to the bathroom.

Enter - VISION WHITE FROST Window Film. One of the most versatile Decorative home & office options available. Watch the video below to see the major difference in privacy that VISION WHITE FROST has to offer.

Getting the Frosted Glass Look with VISION Window Film

When you've got tall panes of glass to work with like this bathroom, VISION WHITE FROST is a great fit for controlling visibility & adding privacy.

Like other films in the VISION Home & Office line up, WHITE FROST gets applied to the inside of the glass. It can be pre-cut to fit all sorts of window shapes & sizes, or even used as a design element to add stripes or graphics to windows.

With the film sized up, the installation process can begin. Like all VISION Home & Office Window Film, WHITE FROST is a wet installation that's best performed by an XPEL certified professional.

Comparing the top & bottom pane, it's easy to see how much of an impact VISION WHITE FROST can have.

The film is transparent enough to allow a comfortable amount of natural light in. From the outside, WHITE FROST appears almost completely opaque. The film fits tight to the frame, leaving no room for prying eyes to look in.

Inside, the diffused effect WHITE FROST has on the glass softens the room. No doubt, a much nicer ambiance for a bathroom or private space.

Interested in having VISION WHITE FROST or other decorative window films installed at your home or office? We've got you covered. Head over to the VISION page for more info about the complete line up, or reach out to one of our certified installers for a quote on your next project. Thanks for reading!