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XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ Helps Preserve Luxury Yacht Surfaces

XPEL has you covered on land and sea with ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 'self-healing' Paint Protection Film. XPEL PPF protects and preserves watercraft surfaces against scratch marks, spills while providing a protective seal against environmental causes of corrosion. From fiberglass to hardwood and granite, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is the ideal solution to preserving your jet ski, boat, or marine watercraft.

ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film works as a self-healing top coat that is impact and scratch-resistant. It leaves surfaces with a high-gloss shine, and its Edge Seal Technology ensures a durable, virtually invisible layer of protection that will not yellow from UV exposure. In addition, ULTIMATE PLUS PPF is stain resistant making it ideal for interior surfaces and countertops. XPEL offers ULTIMATE PLUS in multiple grades of thickness ranging from 7 Mil to 10 Mil and is available at custom measurements to fit your specific needs.

The video below shows ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film applied to specific surfaces on a luxury yacht. Certified XPEL installers wrapped the cabin’s eight-foot-long teak wood countertop and interior plexiglass windows. In addition, the exterior edges surrounding the deck of the watercraft, including exterior tabletops and high-use areas, were also wrapped in XPEL PPF. Installers used ULTIMATE PLUS 7 Mil for this yacht installation, a slightly thinner grade that offers industry-leading protection.

This yacht has a better chance of preserving itself against the wear and tear of life at sea with ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film. The edges of the vessel are more resistant to impacts and scratches that can occur at the dock. Onboard, the teak wood countertop and surfaces wearing XPEL PPF will maintain their pristine appearance and be more resistant to corrosion and fading from saltwater and exposure.

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