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PRIME XR PLUS™ Window Tint Helps Protect Passengers and Watercraft While at Sea

From a voyage at sea to an afternoon at the lake, travel by boat can be considered the ultimate recreational escape. However, the romance of the sea can be spoiled by the sun’s piercing glare and harmful UV exposure. Many styles of watercraft offer the comforts of land by providing passengers with a cabin to shelter them from the elements. Applying XPEL Window Tint to a watercraft’s cabin windows and windscreen can provide necessary protection from the sun by blocking harmful UV rays while improving interior comfort and eliminating sun glare.

PRIME XR PLUS ™ is a nano-ceramic window film ideal solution to protect watercraft passengers on board from damaging UV rays. It is designed to be applied to cabin windows and windscreens on most watercrafts, from bowriders to superyachts. XPEL Window Tint protects against 99 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Because of this PRIME window tint has earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Recommendation as an effective UV protectant.

In addition, PRIME XR PLUS ™ Window Tint also reduces up to 98 percent of infrared heat, which will help reduce interior temperatures and improve the quality and comfort of the cabin. Reducing infrared heat and UV rays will help protect interior upholstery and surfaces against fading and sun damage. Having PRIME XR PLUS ceramic window tint on a watercraft’s windscreen can help eliminate sun glare and improve visibility. A great benefit to have when sailing into the sunset after a day on the lake or sea. The video below shows the installation process of applying XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Window Tint in the pristine interior of a yacht’s interior cabin windows and windscreen.

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