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XPEL Paint Protection Film, Window Tint and Ceramic Coating Options Available for New Corvette Deliveries at the National Corvette Museum

Fans of America's sports car knows the significance of Bowling Green, Kentucky. The GM Bowling Green Assembly plant has been the production home of the Chevrolet Corvette since 1981. Located a quarter-mile away from the plant is the National Corvette Museum. Every spring, the museum hosts its annual 2021 Michelin National Corvette Museum Bash , aka the Corvette Bash. As part of its partnership with the National Corvette Museum, XPEL was present at this year's Corvette Bash, which celebrates the Corvette's past, present, and future. It attracts Corvette owners new and old to come together in one big car show. At this year's event, attendees had the opportunity to see an official sneak-peak of the 2022 Corvette Z06.

Vehicles like the Corvette can fall into the "dream car" category for many. Those in a position to buy a brand new 'Vette' may want to make the moment more memorable than simply driving off a lot – and that is where the museum delivery comes into play.

When the car is ordered, the owner has the ability to choose a museum delivery, which we highly recommend. When selected, the owner has the option to have XPEL products installed on site prior to pick-up. Any museum delivery can take advantage of on-site installation of XPEL paint protection film, window tint and ceramic coating.

That’s where Auto Armor, an XPEL-authorized dealer, comes into the picture. Their installation center is conveniently located on the Corvette Museum’s track which is down the road from the museum itself. Their team of installers are trained and certified to install the full suite of XPEL products on any museum delivery.

This unique service is meant to enhance the new car delivery experience with added peace of mind.

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