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XDC19: XPEL Dealer Conference 2019


For the 3rd consecutive year, XPEL Dealer Conference took over downtown San Antonio. A 2-day all-encompassing event with breakouts, keynotes, and training sessions, XDC19 tipped the scales with 200+ attendees from around the globe.

Epic Displays and Opening Remarks

As is tradition at XPEL Dealer Conference, the hotel lobby was set up to display an absolute neck breaker. Last year was a Lamborghini Huracan. This year, we went up the hypercar food chain quite a bit with an extremely exclusive McLaren Senna. Thanks to XPEL San Antonio, the Senna arrived completely protected with ULTIMATE PLUS PPF, PRIME XR PLUS Window Tint, and FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating. Exactly the type of thing a $2 million dollar machine deserves!

XDC19 kicked off with the who's-who of yearly conference attendance with plenty of wise cracks from our favorite Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Mark Shevitz.

Shortly thereafter, Opening Remarks from President & CEO Ryan Pape brought attendees up to speed on the state of all things XPEL. Highlighting new products, record company growth, and more, Dealer Conference is the perfect place to get in the know.

Breakout Session Highlights: Partnering With Dealerships, VISION Architectural, SHIFT SOCIAL, ENVISION Marketing, and Advanced Installation

Along with our returning breakout presenters, we introduced two completely new sessions at XDC19 this year.

First up, Partnering with Dealerships, presented by Willis Auto Accessories Director Micah Westrum. Mr. Westrum shared some enlightening insight about the inner workings of dealership accessories, as well as creating new avenues for mutual success by working with dealerships to grow business.

A few doors away, our very own Vic Beisel showed attendees how to open new opportunities for growth with the inclusion of flat glass offerings. VISION Architectural Film is taking the home & office window tint industry to new heights.

On the digital front, returning presenter Jared Guynes of Shift Social headed up a breakout on new Facebook ad tactics, page growth, and brand presence.

For those interested in what's happening in the world of PPC & Google Search, Envision Marketing put together a thorough presentation covering the in’s and out’s. Understanding how to leverage organic content, search visibility, and other metrics to drive more business is extremely important to our dealer network. We do everything we can to make sure XDC can be a place to learn.

If you'relooking to learn more about PPF installation & try your hand at some trickier techniques, the Advanced PPF Training Breakout is the place to be! Porsche of San Antonio provided us with an awesome 911 Carrera to work on this year.

In the world of window tint installation, it doesn't get more cutting edge than the PRIME Breakout. Covering DAP tint patterns, the E-Z Tint bottom loading tool, install techniques and more, the PRIME Breakout is a must-attend for all XDCers.

Keynote Presentations By Michael Vickers & Mike Lipkin

XDC19 also marked the return of a popular keynote presenter Michael Vickers. Last year, Mr. Vickers presented powerful points on what it takes to become preferred with clients. This year, he took his presentation even further with a full two-part interactive presentation

Our new keynote for 2019 brought an incredible energy to the stage. Mike Lipkin's presentation on "The Checklist of Champions" shined a light on how to think, feel, and continue performing at our very best.

Install Competition Winners & Dealer Awards

As is tradition with Dealer Conference, 2019 rounded out with the XPEL Dealer Awards & crowning of the install competition winners. With a total cash giveaway of $24,000 in prize money across the PPF, Window Tint, and Architectural Film install competition, there was a lot on the line for competitors!


  • First Place: Tyler O'Hara

  • Second Place: Chris West

  • Third Place: Lance Pugh


  • First Place: Steve Reader

  • Second Place: Alex Rosales

  • Third Place: Jose Morales

VISION Architectural Film Winners

  • First Place: Shane Geddes

  • Second Place: Charles Marshall

  • Third Place: Rob Ruska


  • Benelux Dealer of the Year - Carprotect Center

  • Germany & Austria Dealer of the Year - CreativZwo GmbH & Co KG

  • Poland Dealer of the Year - CATRED

  • Switzerland Dealer of the Year - Foilxpert

  • Northern Europe Dealer of the Year - Autoshield AB

  • Northern UK Dealer of the Year - Invisifilm LTD

  • Southern UK Dealer of the Year - Auto FX LTD

  • International Distributor of the Year - Exquisite Technique

  • Ontario Region Dealer of the Year - Clear Choice Paint Protection

  • Eastern Canada Region Dealer of the Year - Goldwing Autocare

  • Western Canada Region Dealer of the Year - Car Pretty

  • Canada PRIME Dealer of the Year - Protex Terrebonne

  • Canada PPF Dealer of the Year - Invisible Auto Designs

  • Canadian Dealer of the Year - Protex Laval

  • Northeast Region Dealer of the Year - Eurotech Motorsports

  • Southeast Region Dealer of the Year - Atlanta Precision Paint Protection AP3

  • Florida Dealer of the Year - The Sign Savers

  • Midwest Region Dealer of the Year - Midwest Autobahnd

  • Texas Dealer of the Year - Gulf Coast Auto Shield

  • Four Corners Region Dealer of the Year - One Armor

  • California Dealer of the Year - Sticker City

  • Pacific Northwest Region Dealer of the Year - CCA Motorsport

  • U.S. Window Tint Dealer of the Year - Sun Stoppers

  • U.S. Paint Protection Film Dealer of the Year - Protective Film Solutions

  • U.S. Dealer of the Year - Automotive Elegance

Dealer Awards photos of those in attendance are below (in no particular order)

Revving Up for XDC20

All in all, XDC19 shaped up to be another incredible conference. We can't thank our attendees, presenters, keynotes, and all of Team XPEL enough for making it one for the record books.

Still buzzing from the camaraderie & excitement of XDC19? XDC20 is going to be here sooner than you think. Secure your spot now & be ready for 2020 to be even bigger! Click here to register.