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Video Shows How XPEL VISION Security Film Can Defend Your Home and Office Against Intruders

XPEL VISION ™ Home and Office Window Film offers customers multiple variants of window films for specific purposes. VISION ™ Security Film, for example, is designed to help deter or slow down smash-and-grab burglaries. In this brief demonstration video, U.S. Operations Manager David A. Calvo demonstrates how XPEL VISION Security Film works to slow down break-ins.

VISION ™ Security Film uses an industry-strength adhesive to attach the film to the window frame. The benefits of this can be seen in the video when Calvo attempts to break into a window protected with an 8 Mil thick XPEL Security Film. Calvo starts by throwing a large stone at the window, which cracks the glass but does not go through it. Next, using a crowbar, Calvo begins to smash the window with force. The frame attached film does its job by holding the glass in place, making it difficult to break through.

VISION Security Film can help slow down break-ins and potentially discourage intruders from getting in as a timer shows that it takes Calvo nearly 90 seconds before he can break into the window. By comparison, the second window wears XPEL VISION ™ Solar Film. This film is designed to reduce glare and lower interior temperatures. When Calvo throws a rock at this window, the projectile goes straight through. During the crowbar test, Calvo uses the tool's weight to break through the glass within seconds.

In addition to providing security for home, office, and businesses, VISION ™ Security Film also protects interior occupants by blocking up to 99 percent of harmful UVA and UV B rays. VISION ™ Security Film is available in 8, 12, and 15 Mil grades of thickness and can be applied to most windows and glass entries.

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