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Traffic Purple 2020 Audi R8 Preserves Limited-Edition Paint with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF and FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating

The Audi R8 is a supercar that delivers on each aspect without being as flashy as its Italian competitors. However, even though the Audi R8 is considered the 'serious supercar,' it still has a wild side. Like this 2020 Audi R8 dressed in a bespoke factory color dubbed Traffic Purple. This limited-edition supercar was treated with a complete ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film and FUSION PLUS ™ Ceramic Coating at the XPEL installation center in Austin, Texas.

Among Audi's legacy of luxury sedans, champion rally cars, and utilitarian SUVs, there sits the R8. In 2020, Audi refreshed the R8 lineup. First, Audi changed the R8's top-tier trim level name, the V10 Plus, to the V10 Performance. Styling tweaks added exterior and interior colors, and more power were all new changes to the R8 in 2020. The V10 Performance offered Audi customers a 5.2-liter V10 producing 602-horsepower and 413 lb.-ft or torque bolted to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic to turn the R8's all-wheel-drive system.

A special-edition R8 called the Decennium made its debut in 2020 featuring exclusive details. The Audi R8 Decennium came equipped with copper stitching and extra microsuede interior, gold wheels. The year 2020 was also the first year that every R8 model could achieve a 200-mph top speed regardless of trim level. This Traffic Purple Audi R8 may not be a Decennium, but it is still a desirable supercar. The owner can now rest a little easier while driving, knowing the rare factory paint wears a transparent shield against scratches, chips, and smudges with XPEL Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating.

ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection for Audi R8

ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film wrap is a transparent, durable film developed to protect surfaces against scratch marks, paint chips, and corrosion brought on by environmental contaminants. Pollutants like bird droppings and acids from bugs. ULTIMATE PLUS ppf is virtually unnoticeable and leaves a high-gloss shine on wrapped surfaces. The paint protection film ‘self-healing’ properties work with direct sunlight to vanish away light paint damage like swirl marks and faint scratches.

We offer protection wraps in a partial-front which covers the front bumper and partially covers the hood and side fenders. Our most well-known ppf service is the full-front known as a ‘clear bra,’ which covers the entire hood, fenders, front bumper, side mirrors, and headlamps. However, one can always request to wrap the whole vehicle in XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film. Our ppf can also be applied to interiors and trim pieces like carbon fiber wings and rear diffusers.

FUSION PLUS ™ Audi Ceramic Coating

FUSION PLUS ™ Ceramic Coating is infused with hydrophobic properties to repel water, mud, and road grime from surfaces. One application can protect surfaces for an extended time. XPEL offers a range of FUSION PLUS ceramic coating to protect exterior paint, interiors, glass, plastic trim, wheels, and brake calipers. The owner of this 2020 Traffic Purple Audi R8 opted to coat the entire exterior and interior in FUSION PLUS. XPEL ceramic coating makes surfaces easier to clean and performs to increase the depth of paint color. As a result, coated surfaces shine brighter and offer a rich premium gloss.


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