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How XPEL VISION Solar Window Film Can Help Improve the Comfort of Your Home or Office

XPEL VISION ™ Solar Film can reduce heat and sun glare to improve interior comfort, letting you enjoy natural light without the heat and glare. Utilizing advanced spectrally selective technology, VISION Solar Film can help eliminate hot spots, reduce inconsistent interior temperatures, and cut down on energy costs. In addition, VISION Solar Film protects interior occupants by rejecting 99 percent of harmful UV rays. VISION Solar Film can also improve privacy without sacrificing clarity with one-way film finishes.

XPEL’s VISION ™ series for home and office window film comes in various shades, tints, grades, and purpose-built variants. In this demonstrational video, VISION ™ Clear View Plus 70 Film is applied to a series of windows in a private home's living room. This window film shields the home's interior against 87 percent of infrared heat, 55 percent of solar energy and blocks 99 percent of UV rays. One additional benefit from using VISION Solar Film is protecting interior flooring and furniture against fading caused by constant exposure to direct heat and sunlight.

Click here to learn more about the entire range of VISION ™ Home and Office Window films. VISION window film is available in a series of tints and shades to suit your home, office, and business needs.