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McLaren 765LT Spider Protects Exclusive Coriolis Paint with New ULTIMATE FUSION™ Paint Protection Film

A popular trend among high-end luxury and exotic automakers today is offering customers the option to tailor their vehicle directly from the factory. Companies like Aston Martin, Porsche, Lotus, and McLaren have devoted divisions overseeing the design and manufacturing of bespoke and limited-edition models. McLaren's Special Operations division offers buyers exclusive exterior and interior options along with performance upgrades. For example, this 2022 McLaren 765LT Spider with a specialty color option called Coriolis.

The process of creating the McLaren Coriolis paint color is extensive. The McLaren Special Operations team of expert painters and artists designed the color by mixing Cerulean Blue, Burton Blue, and Abyss Black. According to McLaren, the Coriolis hue is inspired by the Earth's gyroscopic influence on wind and water. Like the planet, the dark paintwork is fluid and moves in motion with light creating a deep blue shadow effect.

McLaren first introduced the Coriolis paint color in 2019 with the 720S Spider and reportedly took 260 hours to complete. Since then, the color option is now available for all models through McLaren Special Operations, and as you would expect, the paint job is a premium option. In fact, this paint option is rumored to be a six-figure add-on. A paint job this valuable deserves a peace of mind that only XPEL paint protection film can deliver with the all-new ULTIMATE FUSION™.

ULTIMATE FUSION™ paint protection film is a multi-function PPF that offers self-healing and hydrophobic properties to protect painted surfaces. This high-gloss PPF is designed to protect vehicle surfaces from rock chips, light scratches, and scuff marks. The self-healing properties eliminate fine scratches and unsightly swirl marks when exposed to heat or direct sunlight. In addition, ULTIMATE FUSION™ offers a hydrophobic clear coat that helps repel water, dirt, and road grime. As a result, this film helps protect the paint while making it easier to wash and stay clean. Additional benefits include protection against chemical and environmental contaminations such as oxidation and corrosion. The finished result is a surface that feels smooth and slick to the touch, and also creates a richer color depth.

The McLaren 765LT Spider shown was wrapped in ULTIMATE FUSION™ at the XPEL installation center in Houston, Texas, and is one of the first cars to receive the new paint protection film. XPEL certified installers applied the film to the entire exterior of the vehicle. In addition to PPF, the car's glass was treated with PRIME XR BLACK ™ Window Tint. XPEL installers applied 30% VLT to the McLaren's front windows and 20% VLT for the rear window. In doing so, the McLaren's carbon-fiber trimmed interior is now better protected from harmful UV rays. XPEL window tint is designed to block 99% of UV rays and deflect 78% of infrared heat to improve interior comfort.

Lastly, this McLaren 765LT Spider features satin-painted door seals, which are also a high-risk area for potential scuffs and scratches. So, STEALTH ™ was used to wrap this part of the vehicle. STEALTH ™ is a matte-finish paint protection film with self-healing properties that leaves a satin-smooth finish on surfaces. The ideal solution for protecting matte and satin paint.

The owner of this 2022 McLaren 765LT Spider can now enjoy its 755-hp twin-turbocharged V8 with a bit more peace of mind thanks to XPEL paint protection film. Fully wrapped and protected in ULTIMATE FUSION™ means the car is easier to clean but better protected against potential paint damage. Moreover, its PRIME XR BLACK ™ tinted glass means any drive is now more comfortable thanks to its UV blocking technology.


For more information about ULTIMATE FUSION™ Click Here, or use the Installer Locator tool to find an XPEL certified installer near you.