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Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Is Now Safer and Protected with XPEL VISION™ Security Window Film

The Eastgate Shopping Center, located south of downtown Shreveport, Louisiana, is home to high-end retailers and luxury boutiques. Located adjacent to the shopping center is Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry and Distinctive Gifts. Lee Michaels has been catering to its customers at this location since 1981. Greg Johnson, Senior Vice President for Lee Michaels Jewelry, needed a solution to improve their security, and protect inventory and employees.

Mr. Johnson scheduled a consultation with XPEL U.S Operations Manager David A. Calvo to discuss installing VISION™ Film at Lee Michaels’ Eastgate Shopping Center location. They selected VISION SECURITY 8 MIL window film as the best solution for protection and security. XPEL SECURITY film provides a layer of virtually undetectable protection for home and office windows. The high-strength window film works to slow down intruders in the event of a break-in.

Installation is a two-step process initiated by cutting and applying the film to the window. The next step involves using an industrial adhesive to attach the film to the window frame. Attaching the film to the frame creates a solid unit preventing intruders from simply through the glass to gain entry.

According to FBI statistics, over 55 percent of burglaries involved forcible entry. A quality security system can alert the authorities of a break-in. However, VISION SECURITY window film makes it harder for intruders to smash and grab. XPEL SECURITY window film also provides UV protection, blocking 99 percent of harmful UV A and UV B rays.

For more information about the full line of solar, safety & security, and decorative window films, go to XPEL.COM/VISION . To find an XPEL certified installer near you, go to XPEL.COM/LOCATOR.