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Joey Logano's NASCAR Powered 1935 Ford Drift Truck is Protected with XPEL STEALTH

XPEL prides itself on providing a valuable product and service to customers who care about their vehicles. People like NASCAR Cup Series champion racing driver Joey Logano, who recently had his rebel-rousing 1935 Ford Factory Five Drift pickup truck fitted with XPEL STEALTH ™ satin paint protection film.

Logano has been racing since he was six years old. While other first graders were busy losing lunchboxes during recess, Logano was racing quarter midget cars on oval tracks. His lifelong career in racing is evident in his collection of personal vehicles. A perfect example is this 1935 Ford, which was the first year Ford decided to phase out the four-cylinder engine and only offered the 221ci Flathead V8. Fast forward 85 years later, and this pre-war workhorse is now a certified barnstormer on wheels thanks to a race used small-block V8. This engine was taken from one of Logano's stock cars and now bumps the truck's factory power output from 85 hp to a neck-snapping 850 plus.

An old school hot rod with modern power can chain-smoke through several sets of rear tires in an afternoon. Logano needed something to protect the matte black finish on this Factory Five drift truck.

"Driving this truck is an absolute blast! However, with all the burnouts and drifting I do, my rear tires throw up a ton of debris and rooster tails - my black matte paint job is the first thing to absorb the impact from all the rocks and pebbles." said Logano. He needed a product that could protect the matte sheen without disturbing its look. STEALTH satin paint protection film is designed to do both, so it was to the rear panel areas behind Logano's 1935 hot rod drift truck's rear wheels.

STEALTH satin paint protection film now protects the truck's rear quarter panel's matte finish from rocks, gravel, dirt, and bits of melted rubber. STEALTH is virtually unnoticeable and leaves areas with a satin-like feel to the touch. XPEL's paint protection film also means it will be a heck of a lot easier to wash away an afternoon's worth of drifting off the truck's rear panels.

"I knew if I wanted to protect the paint and the best option without changing the integrity of the truck would be to add XPEL to my rear quarter panels. Now I can keep sliding the truck's rear end around and creating large white clouds of smoke, without having to worry about my paint job being sandblasted." – Joey Logano.

We understand that a vehicle is more than just a means of transportation. It's a vessel for sentiment capable of sparking memories as well as fuel. For some, a car can be an investment or symbolic representation of achievement. In this case, it's a weekend toy used to burn stress going sideways. Vehicles can be a pride and joy, and with most things we cherish, there comes a yearning to protect them.

XPEL offers a range of products engineered to protect one's vehicular pride and joy from runaway shopping carts, pigeon carpet bombings, and fast-ball rocks aiming to chip away at a vehicle's clear coat. From window tint to DIY wraps for track day paint protection, XPEL has the products and services you need to keep your vehicle looking car show ready any day of the week.

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